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SHUT UP, DYKE: Ex-Gay Venus Publisher Charlene Cothran Needs to Go Away

Once upon a time, Charlene Cothran seemed like a gal you’d want to know. She launched the black lesbian magazine Venus in 1996 from Atlanta, catering to an oft underserved demographic. Then she found Jesus in 2006, and Venus‘ editorial mission suddenly changed — to promote the ex-gay “movement.” She speaks to the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, of the ultra-conservative The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, and joins the ranks spreading disinformation about this gay agenda we keep hearinga bout: Namely, that we want to have the right to strip down in public and have sex. Yes, that is what we’re fighting for, isn’t it?

(And don’t get us started about Cothran accusing the “gay media” of “fabricating” the notion that anyone is born gay.)

(Thanks, Ari!)