which is it?

Side-by-side video shows Trump supporters simultaneously demanding to count and stop counting votes

A side-by-side video of Trump supporters in the battleground states of Arizona and Michigan has been making the rounds on social media and it’s legit batsh*t crazy.

Both videos were recorded yesterday.

In Arizona, Trump supporters shouted “Count that vote! Count that vote!” as poll counters tallied up the ballots in what is proving to be a very tight race that still remains uncalled.

Meanwhile, over in Michigan, Trump supporters yelled “Stop the vote! Stop the vote!” as it was becoming more and more clear that Trump was going to lose the state.

The AP eventually called Michigan for Biden shortly before 6 p.m. EST yesterday.

Sooooo which is it guys? Should they keep counting or should they stop? Should we have a democracy or should we not?

Another video that has been circulating shows Trump supporters chanting “Fox News sucks! Fox News sucks!” after the conservative news network prematurely called Arizona for Biden yesterday.

Unlike Trump and his supporters, Biden and his camp have remained level-headed throughout this agonizingly slow process and have repeatedly said that all eligible votes must be counted to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

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