Siegfried, Roy Rumors Mystify

Siegfried & Roy’s alleged private life keeps becoming public, thanks to an imaginative tell-all from former security guard Jim Mydlach.

We’ve previously heard creepy details about their collection of animal ashes, but email newsletter PopBitch passed on some even more unsettling, mostly unbelievable rumors, in bullet form. We’ve annotated:

• Siegfried and Roy enjoyed foursomes with Liberace and his boy-toy Scott Thorson. [Believe it.]

• Their tricks are done with body doubles and concealed panels. [Believe it.]

• Roy died for a while during surgery after being bitten by Montecore the tiger. [Believe it, but totally possible to come back from that shit.]

• Shirley MacLaine is one of many of their friends who believes Roy did die and that Siegfried parades around a hired lookalike. [We believe that she would believe this.]

Can you imagine the amount of surgery a double would have to undergo to look like Roy? A lot. That would be some dedication. And a tiger.