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  • Kari b


    You too!?!

    Way cool

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Wow, I kisses a girl and didn’t like it. (I am, after, all a big queer) Does this mean that I’m not going to hell now?

  • Cindy

    Actually, after kissing a girl and liking it, the next step isn’t direct to hell, though it is going down.

  • Tom

    Great, just what we need, more bible-thumping hate speech.

    Besides, its a cute song and I’ve kissed many a girl and never thought I would go to hell for it…though I did go down.

  • Andy

    This coming from someone named Dave Allison? Pick a gender, guy!

  • Dan


    The pastor says its a loving warning but not to who, heh, is he warning guys away from kissing women too?

  • Mrs. Micah

    A year from now, he’ll wonder why his congregation doesn’t have any new babies. ;)

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