Signorile Nails Giuliani

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani may forget his past as a gay rights advocate, but gay activist Michelangelo Signorile certainly has not. The outspoken homo-journo writes on his website:

[Giuliani is] now saying he doesn’t support civil unions. But in December of 2003 he came on a gay satellite channel (SiriusOutQ) to talk with a gay host (me) about, among other things, his much-touted support for gay rights as a Republican. And he said there was no difference between domestic partnerships or civil unions…

Signorile also provides the audio for that 2003 show, during which Giuliani says:

I support dmoestic partnerships, which I signed into law in New York City – and, in fact, not only it signed into law, but then we expanded it to include a lot of other benefits. I think that’s the way to deal with it – that people who are gay and want to live together and want to protect each other and want assist each other, should have a domestic partnership and marriage should be a man and a woman.

Signorile then asked the former New York City mayor how he felt about a federal amendment prohibiting gay nuptials. Giuliani’s response:

I don’t think I would deal with it that way. I think I would deal with it the way we’ve dealt with it before, state by state…I think the domestic partnership legislation in New York has worked very, very well… That would be the best way to deal with it.

How things have changed…