Silly Monkey Finds True Love Via Gay Blog!

sillykitty.jpg sillymonkeybig2.jpg
It’s a blessed day here at Queerty, for our very own Silly Monkey has finally found his/her true love: Silly Kitty.

We’re sure you’re wondering how that puerile primate landed such a pretty pussy, so we’ll tell you…

It all started earlier today, when a reader sent a note asking us to check out his blog. It’s really quite a simple request, so we heeded his call and headed over to said blog, the alliteratively-minded, Boyz Blog, the internet-based cousin of the popular fag-rag, Boyz.

We cruised around a little, checking out what they have to say about Robbie Williams, Kylie and the rest. Certainly entertaining, but nothing caught our eye more than a precious little kitten in a hoodie.

As we mentioned in the last post, we’re not very sentimental, nor are we very cuddly, so we surprised ourselves a bit by following the link. While there we stumbled across the aforementioned Silly Kitty, introduced him/her to Silly Monkey and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, actually Silly Kitty got knocked up, so they had a shotgun wedding.

Can’t wait to see what that baby looks like.

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