Silver Daddy Shocker!

Once in a great while a truly big news story comes along that makes the world stop rotating for a second, gasp and then carry on with its eternal spin. This isn’t one of them. It does, however, concern perennial favorite, Anderson Cooper, so we thought we’d pass it on.

It comes to us via New York Daily News:

“I’d like to have kids,” [Cooper] tells the March Men’s Journal. “I think I’ll have a family someday.” Cooper was contemplating some other big changes in early December, when he pondered a move from his CNN post to a traditional anchor position at another network. But, he says, “Doing 22 minutes of news from a desk in New York is just not for me.”

No way, Jose (the name, we’re sure, of at least one of Cooper’s Latin flavored boyfriends – we hear he has a fetish of some sort) – Cooper’s not about to pull some Katie Couric bullshit. A desk’s for pussies! Cooper needs to be in the field, getting down and dirty with the news. Then, once the camera’s stop rolling, he can go back to his apartment, strip down and roll around in all that money…