The Queerty Interview

‘Silver Foxes’ Stan Zimmerman: “All my work is colored by my queer pride”

Prolific TV and theater writer Stan Zimmerman loves Pride, and for good reason.

The Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, and Roseanne scribe has made an indelible contribution to gay culture through his TV writing.

His latest, Silver Foxes, a series about a gay elder rescued from the closet of a nursing home by a Twink, is being developed by Turner Broadcasting.

In an interview with Queerty, he discussed the ways in which Pride has influenced his art.

With the increasing diversity of participants, Zimmerman’s got high hopes for the future.

How will you be celebrating Pride this season?

Probably In bed, getting some much-needed rest. But knowing me, I’m sure I’ll be busy cooking up my next theatrical endeavor.

What makes you proud this season?

I am so proud of how the community came together and supported our quest to find a home for Silver Foxes, our older gay men ensemble comedy series. Without the strong, and very vocal voices online and in the gay media, the company Super Deluxe, never would’ve heard about our pilot script and decided to option it.

When did you first experience pride?

Moving to NYC at 17 to go to NYU, forced me to grow up quickly. My acting program was filled mostly with older transfer students, who were more open to what it meant to be gay. Luckily most of them were very kind and guided me. Although there was some heartbreak early on, that also taught me a lot.

What aspects of your work display your queer pride?

All aspects of my work are somehow colored by my queer pride. More specifically, I think my sensitivity towards others, since I always felt like an outsider being a gay child.

Who are some LBGTQ icons you look up to and why?

Everything started with Paul Lynde on Bewitched. That explains a lot about me. But now the young people are inspiring and give me hope for the future. If we can make it past the nightmare currently residing in the White House.

What does Pride mean?

Pride is how you carry yourself. To live every day with love and not fear.

What changes do you see happening within the LGBTQ community and how does Pride month help accomplish those changes?

I see our community growing and expanding to include so many more people. When I was struggling with coming out, I was asked to make a choice. Was I straight or gay? I think it’s so great that today our community encompasses a real rainbow of individuals, all worthy of our love and respect.