Did Simon Cowell Nonchalantly Flash “X Factor” Viewers?


The X Factor brand is synonymous with rising talent, but this is just taking things too far.

Or is it?

Viewers of the hit UK show were thrown into a tizzy as lovably villainous judge Simon Cowell appeared to reveal a bit more of himself than usual.

Seated between fellow judges Mel B and Emma Bunton, Cowell calmly welcomed a contestant, adjusting his sunglasses (despite the sun being nowhere in sight) while failing to address the serious wardrobe malfunction between his legs.

But fear not — even we aren’t baseless enough to burden you with Simon’s anatomy. What we have here is, as Lady Gaga would put it, a perfect illusion. Or as the internet has affectionately dubbed the incident, #toegate.


When asked about the reveal, Cowell said, “this was just my toe. It was unfortunate and embarrassing, but I just want to clear up toe gate.” Is it really that embarrassing?

Ironically, as he sat there with his toe suggestively a-wagging, he was also criticizing the appearance of 17-year-old singer, commenting on her dress choice and makeup.

Twitter had some strong reactions:



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h/t DailyMail