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‘It’s a Sin’ star Olly Alexander wants you to know: He’s a witch

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Olly Alexander, lead singer of the pop group Years & Years and star of the upcoming HBO series It’s a Sin just made a public declaration: he wants the world to know he’s a witch.

“I identified as a Wiccan before I identified as gay,” Alexander told The Sun. “I’m into cemeteries – I like anything spooky. I’ve got so many decks of tarot cards.”

“I loved the craft so much,” he added. “My first ever job in the Forest of Dean was working at this shop called Moonstones. They sold spell books and gems and crystals and incense. So my flat is basically Moonstones.”

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Alexander also recently bewitched audiences in the UK with his leading performance in It’s a Sin. The show has already become a hit for Channel 4, and has earned rave reviews prior to its debut stateside. Alexander has also become a vocal proponent of HIV education as a result of playing his role, Ritchie Tozer, a man afflicted by AIDS.

“There has been amazing progress in the fight against this virus thanks to the early activists who fought for research, for funding, for humanity,” Alexander said in a video posted to Instagram. Alexander posted the video as part of HIV Awareness Week, encouraging his followers to know their HIV status through testing.

“This means today we have PrEP, a pill that you can take to stop you contracting HIV,” he continued. “We have effective medication that stops you getting sick if you are HIV-positive, and stops you from passing it on to any partners. Charities like Terrence Higgins Trust [a UK-based HIV charity] are there to support you with whatever you need, whatever your result. So, let’s celebrate this amazing progress by taking a test and knowing our status.”

It’s a Sin debuts in the US February 18.