Since When Do Gays Advocate Bashing?


“A motley crew of queers, anti-fascists, and anarchists beat the shit out of a Nazi trying to protest Albany Pride march,” according to this report. The man goes by the name “Spanish Blue Blood,” apparently, and tried to rally some of his fellow supremacist brothers and sisters to counter Albany’s gay pride parade. Instead, with no report Mr. Blue Blood physically assaulted anyone, “the gang beat him until the cops showed and we made our way back into the park with no arrests.” Ugh.

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  • galefan2004

    I am gay, and I PROUDLY advocate this bashing. Way to go Albany gays, way to go. My only regret is I wasn’t there to throw some punches and some kicks at this freak of nature.

  • Fitz

    I agree with galefan. Just because I am a homo doesn’t mean i am a pacifist. In fact, I find pacifism inexcusable int he current climate. I would rather be a perp than a victim.

  • Larry

    My main worry is that a) the religious right will have a field day with this and hold it up as proof that we’re out to muzzle people’s free speech rights while conveniently forgetting he was a neo-Nazi and/or b) it will inflame this guy’s other neo-Nazi friends and fellow travelers to seek revenge on our community — and these creeps are willing to go a lot further than we are.

    That being said, my thinking here is the same as my thinking about capital punishment: I don’t think it’s right, but I don’t exactly feel bad for the guy because he was basically asking for it.

  • nikko

    Bash back all the way!!! Never should we have tolerated all the horrible insults and violence towards all these years.

  • Larry

    I’m all for self defense, and if this guy or his friends had physically attacked the marchers, then I’d say sic ’em. But the fact is, he hadn’t done anything illegal.

  • Republican

    Can’t say I agree with this. I’m a strong supporter of self defense (with lethal force if necessary), but some crackpot protesting does not justify violence.

  • Matt Deco

    My God… It’s as if Gandhi never existed.

    Self-defense is one thing.

    Needless violence?

    Grow up.

  • Marius

    The Albany crew is needed in Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Jerusalem or maybe when the Phelps family shows up somewhere.

    Honestly, I don’t feel too bad for the Nazi guy.

    Sorry, folks. I guess that makes me the bloodthirsty reincarnation of Charles Bronson.

  • myrios123

    What a blessing in disguise it would be if the religious (not christian) right supported the free speech of a Nazi. I doubt the RR will touch this story, of course worse things have shown up on Fox news. I don’t condone anyone getting beat up. If he came to the parade to protest the best thing any of us could have done was to deny him any attention at all.

  • TANK

    Awesome! NO arrests, too!

  • Joey

    Are you people serious. We just passed a bill to protect us from hate crimes, and you support violence like this. There is no pride in beating anyone up at a pride event. There is not need for violence unless they had to defend themselves. When did liberals and democrat support such hate and immature actions. Im sad to see my fellow community support any type of violence.

  • Bitch, please!

    @ Matt Deco: Gandhi is always so misrepresented. Forget the whitewashed fairy-tales that goes for history. The man was out to get the best chunk of India for his people(hindoos), unlike the geographically divided lands that was semi-forced upon the muslims, as in east and west pakistan at that time. Undoubtedly the man was a genius, but he was, first and foremost, a shrewd politician . And why do we, the westerners, always look down on the oppressed taking a stronger stance? Yet, throughout history, we were and still are mostly the aggressors. The irony is that we then turn around and call ourselves warriors, soldiers, explorers, and other such golden names.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Vengeance is not justice. Allowing your emotions to push you to commit acts of violence puts you in the same moral standing as Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney (the guys who bashed and killed Matthew Shepard.)

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I think this is a truly beautiful story, and if I could meet those people in person I would shake their hands and say “Well done.”

  • PJ

    I am unsure about where I stand on this. I do not condone violence at any level but there is a part of me who revels in the justice of it.

    At the same time, the guy may be a bigot but it was the gays who drew first blood. This does not look good for the community. If the guy wants to spout his hate rhetoric, he is allowed to. It is as Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Hateful rhetoric does not not constitute a violent response and “violence (only) begets (more) violence.” If anything, the parade organizers should have made a complaint to the police and allowed them to handle it.

  • Larry

    I’m really astonished by a lot of the responses here.

    Don’t get me wrong: You don’t show up at a gay pride parade festooned with swastikas unless you’re trying to catch a beating. I don’t feel any sorrier for that Nazi fuck than I would for a guy who paints himself with honey and runs laps around a hive of killer bees.

    However, that doesn’t mean it was legally, morally or ethically right to beat the guy up. It would be great if the religious right was dumb enough to speak up for a Nazi, but only if they made it known he was a Nazi. What they’d probably do is make him unidentifiable so that his case will sound like yet another hearsay incident, sort of like the “Gathering Storm” ad.

    Again, these people are very violent and very dangerous, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to seek retribution, or if they post something about the incident on a white supremacist forum and get everybody riled up.

    I would have either ignored him or, if he and his friends got really obnoxious, do what those people in the Castro did to those Christian fundamentalist demonstrators and chase them away.

  • Andramata

    @Bitch, please!: I’m starting to like you! Well said. I’m not one for Violence but if you see a bunch of queens Marching because they can why go mess with them. Now he has a story to tell his fellow Nazi’s and children. he got beat down on gay pride! I only hope it was a drag queen up in pumps. And one of them took off her pumps and pound that bitch to the ground put back on her pumps and pumped down the street! Take that to bank and cash it!

  • Bitch, please!

    LOL @ ANDRAMATA: Can’t you just see the look on their faces if that were to actually happen? LMFAO!

  • Ricky Fitz

    This guy apparently didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t deserve to be beaten up, that’s all.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Ricky Fitz: The first thing he did wrong was being born. A whole lot of other wrongs followed, the most recent of which, apparently, was deciding to show up at a Pride parade and beg to have his ass handed to him. Obviously he wanted to get beat down. That means our people were doing him a favour. How considerate of them.

  • schlukitz

    I cannot help but wonder what the comments might have been and what might have happened if this Nazi fellow had showed up at a Jewish Parade or other event.

    Would it have to be “tolerated” in the same manner that we are always expected to be tolerant of all the bigotry, hatred, discrimination and violence that is perpetrated on us ad infinitum?

    Somehow, I doubt it. The “Nazi” would have been whisked away by the police, if for no other reason, his own physical safety.

    When do the bullies and the tormentors get held responsible for their actions and wrong doings that they perpetrate, I wonder?

    Just sayin’…

  • SouLKid

    Pardon me for this but i can’t help feeling a lil elated at the expense of this Nazi twat.For a long time gay men have been beat up, killed and all kinds of horrible things done to us.I must say i’m proud those guys gave him a well deserved beat down.

    On any other case i’d probably have been against violence but i’m human — After years of being oppressed you can’t blame me for agreeing to this.

  • DeAnimator

    Fight fire with fire. Difference? WE are not stabbing and blowing people up.

  • Dusty

    Hmmm. Why not? I always felt that the Fred Phelps of the world should be shot for showing up at funerals of gay people with their particular brand of hatred. Look, people get violent for a lot less, like a Lakers game. Personally, I invite nilishm if someone is so stupid to engage a crowd.

  • Dr.Strogg

    Would YOU have felt sorry for any of the following persons, if the same happened to him:

    1. A gay in drag protesting a Nazi/white supremacist/KKK demonstration?
    2. The nazi protesting a Jew demonstration?
    3. Anybody else doing something extremely stupid?

    I guess not.

    Time to learn for people that they can’t afford to do things to gays which they would not do to others.

    Not to say the beating was justified, but who should actually feel sorry for that person?

  • Lex

    Gotta love when people do stupid shit in the name of us all…

    As someone else said, grow up.

    Children fight because they don’t have the words to express themselves. Use your words or be seen and not heard.

  • schlukitz


    Obviously he wanted to get beat down.


    “As ye sow, sow shall ye reap!”

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