Can End of The World Be Far?

Singapore Gays Defy Govt, Enjoy Day In Park

No holding Singapore’s queens back. The government may have banned the gay pride-flavored picnic at the Botanical Gardens, but about a hundred homies gathered there anyway. So, did Singapore sink into the earth? Did the four horsemen come charging from behind a dark cloud? Did women and children’s heads explode at the sight of all the gays? No. In fact, things were surprisingly – gasp! – normal!

In between our blankets, other families set up their picnics and played ball; children came up to us and asked to play with our dogs. Grown men and women and little girls from other families would confuse us by wearing pink T-shirts – and not all of us queers were in pink, either; some of us dressed in brown and blue and black and white…

Sure, more than half of us wore pink, but the outsiders didn’t bat an eyelid – as a straight friend commented, we just looked like a breast cancer benefit with an unusual number of supportive men.

Those gays, always trying to blend into the rest of society!