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Singer Bright Light Bright Light: “I’m not ‘body-appropriate’” for gay scene


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In an interview in the October issue of Attitude magazine, dance artist Bright Light Bright Light, aka Rod Thomas, has spoken out about how he’s often not felt “cool enough” to feel comfortable in some queer spaces.

Now a resident of New York City, the Welsh-born 37-year-old, who has supported Elton John, Cher and Erasure on tour, among others, has found himself dubbed “boring” for being a DJ who doesn’t do drugs. Also, as he doesn’t go to the gym, he’s felt invisible to some other gay men. He’s now learned that “those people don’t matter.”

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“Feeling like I belonged within the gay community I think has been a bit of a struggle,” he said. “The LGBTQ+ community is such a vast umbrella; everyone is so different and trying to work out where you belong within that is hard.”

“I’m one of those people that loves nightlife and dancing and making music, but I also don’t do drugs and I don’t go to a place that a lot of people do, and at some points, nightlife was very drug-heavy,” he said.


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Despite being an in-demand collaborator, he says he sometimes felt looked down upon on the club scene.

“People, often in London, called me ‘boring’ on more than one occasion … I would be DJing and I was looked at as the boring DJ, and it was really crushing. I felt like even at some of my own DJ sets at nights I was performing at, I wasn’t deemed ‘cool enough.’”

He went on to talk about experiencing a lack of body confidence on the gay scene.

“I’m not ‘body-appropriate’ for people in these spaces. I don’t go to the gym in a way that a lot of people do, and I know I am invisible to a huge section of the LGBTQ+ community. It doesn’t matter because those people don’t matter, but I found that a huge struggle, feeling invisible or not welcome in queer spaces, even more heartbreaking than not being welcome in heterosexual spaces, because these spaces are there for everybody that needs them.”

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Thomas will release his fourth studio album, Fun City, on September 18. He has previously collaborated with Elton John and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. His most recent single, out in the summer, was aptly enough entitled “I Used To Be Cool”.

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