Singer Brian McFadden Spreads Anti-Gay Fashion Advice

Someone needs to school Irish singer Brian McFadden!

The 27-year old appeared on a New Zealand radio show this week and, for some reason, the conversation turned to fashion, at which point McFadden boldly declared straight men shouldn’t wear pink. That’s a common enough argument, although a bit tired and trite. Good think McFadden grabbed our attention with his offensive explanation: “Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male.” If we’re not male, what’s with this penis?

The gays aren’t pleased, of course. Activist Robert Marshall remarked, “It’s the sort of stuff that gets said every day in the schoolyard. A lot of young people are quite impressionable, and when they see celebrities saying stuff like that, they think it’s OK to say it themselves.”

Meanwhile, doesn’t McFadden (center) look absolutely smashing mincing about at Sydney’s Dolly Teen Choice Awards? Fabulous, darling!

Update: Well, look at that: Brian McFadden wearing pink. Gawd, what a homo!