Singer Nikki Exotika Says She’s Forming America’s First Trans Girl Group, The Secret Girls

Nicole Sanders/Nikki Exotika
Nicole Sanders/Nikki Exotika

32-year-old Nicole Sanders is on a mission to create America’s first transgender music act, an all-transwomen girl group called The Secret Girls.

In an interview with Barcroft TV this week, Sanders says she’s been dreaming of assembling an act like The Secret Girls for at least a decade, and imagines it will be “a mixture between the Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls with a transgender twist.”

“The world has seen transgender models, transgender actresses, transgender activists, transgender book writers, but no transgender music artists that went mainstream. I think America is past ready for The Secret Girls,” she said.

Nicole is also known as recording artist Nikki Exotika, and first grabbed headlines in 2012 when she told the Daily Mail she had spent over $320,000 on plastic surgery. In the same spirit, she tells Barcroft TV that The Secret Girls will be a stunning collection of diverse women who prove there are “beautiful transgender women who are talented.”

“I want girls of different races because it will grab the attention of those fans, the Latin fans, the Black fans, the Asian fans all around the world,” she says.

To her credit, Nicole is already off to a good start as a future professional pop star because she has one thing every great pop star needs: a super hot boyfriend.

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She told HuffPo recently that she has already cast two band members for The Secret Girls and will continue holding nationwide auditions until the group is complete. “So many positive things are happening that I cannot talk about right now,” she wrote on Facebook this week. “Las Vegas better get ready for the #SecretGirls shhhh!!!”

Check out the interview below, which includes an audition from a New Yorker named Mimi:

And below this, you can watch Nikki Exotika perform her single “All Lined Up” at Queens Pride 2014 in New York. Do you think she has what it takes?