“Single Ladies” Dancing Alaskan Makes Us Forget Why We Hated Alaska

When alien robot historians one day comb through the archives of the Internet to discover how humanity came to its sad tragic end, they’ll take one look at the 400 billion YouTube videos of people dancing to Beyoncé’sSingle Ladies” and debate for eons whether a maddened globe wildly gyrating to the lyrics “If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it” was the cause of our demise, or just a symptom.

Case in point: 24 year old professional skater, Lee from Fairbanks Alaska, who moved to Alaska to escape his family and pursue a career as a Disney on Ice skater. You can learn a lot from a person’s MySpace page. On his, he says, “One day I will be famous, either for singing, skating, or Fashion/Modeling.”

Close. You’re going to be famous for dancing to Beyoncé in tights in the wild snows of Alaska, which is all kinds of crazy considering a.) it’s Alaska b.) it’s 2 degrees and c.) Sarah Palin is out there somewhere. Lee, you’ve raised the bar on “Single Ladies” videos everywhere. Now go put on a jacket.