cultural divide

This single tweet about gay culture has everyone talking

A single tweet about gay culture has gotten everyone’s attention and it has Gay Twitter™ feeling divided.

Yesterday, twitter user @Gay-Z used a Sex and the City reference to explain what it’s like being gay in a heteronormative world, tweeting: “Gay culture is being the Samantha of your straight group, but the Charlotte of your gay one.”

For those who less versed in Sex and the City trivia, Samantha was the most sexually-liberated of the show’s four main characters, possessing a more casual, laissez-faire attitude towards promiscuity. Meanwhile, Charlotte was the most reserved of the group who believed in monogamy and frowned upon sex with strangers.

In less than 24 hours, the tweet received over 500 likes, almost 100 retweets, and several comments.

But not everyone appreciated the SATC reference, feeling the hit HBO show from 20 years ago hasn’t aged well.

What do you think? Does this tweet accurately sum up gay culture? Sound off in the comments section below…