Sioux City Council Tables Plans For Anti-Gay Resolution

We reported yesterday that the Sioux City, Iowa city council was debating a totally meaningless resolution that would express their opposition to gay marriage. This was because the city allowed a public library to be used for a marriage equality forum, which obviously proves without a shadow of a doubt that each and every member of the city council is a closeted homosexual hellbent on destroying the fabric of society.

Well, the debate’s been “tabled indefinitely” after 60 people showed up at the city council meeting last night expressing their opposition, a level of enthusiasm that council members compare to previous fights over “public prayer at council meetings” and “pit bull bans.”

The Des Moines Register explains that what stopped all the trouble (Trouble!) was a discussion about whether there was any point to passing an asshat resolution that would do little more than express what homophobes the Sioux City council are:

“Mayor Mike Hobart said he pushed for the delay to allow for advice from the state attorney general’s office “on whether we have the jurisdiction and authority to pass the resolution,” which was proposed by City Councilman Brent Hoffman.

Hoffman asked other council members to publicly to support the definition of traditional marriage as being between a man and a woman.

The move would have been mostly symbolic because the city lacks legal authority over the issue, but Hoffman said the resolution is important because it clarifies the council’s position and directs city departments, boards and commissions to stay in line with that position. It also asks for a statewide vote on whether gay marriage should be allowed.

“I could write a resolution that says Dr. Seuss is the best author in the world. It’s ridiculous, but we can do that,” Hoffman said. “Part of the criticism of the resolution was, ‘What’s the purpose?’ Well, any lawyer worth his salt would wonder why we need a legal opinion” if the resolution lacks the weight of law.”

The video is of Xavier High School’s Xhilaration performing at Sioux City East’s ‘Sing All About It’ Invitational a couple of years ago. It expresses in song and dance, our feelings about the Sioux City city council’s decision to table their stupid gay-baiting resolution.