Brits Mull Knighting Footballer

Sir Beckham?

Footballer David Beckham stands as one of England’s greatest celebrities – and national treasures. No wonder, then, some are clamoring for him to be knighted. Others, however, aren’t so keen on the Queen giving him a title. One source told This is London:

His name has been put forward but there is a view among some officials that it should not be approved while there is a conflict between his future as an England player and his contract with an American club.

Some officials feel that there is nothing wrong with honouring a player who is based in Europe and free to represent his country if required, but feel there is a big difference if the same player is earning his main income and paying tax in the United States and unable to play for England.

Supporters are focusing less on Beck’s impending departure and more on his charitable work in England.

Meanwhile, naysayers wonder if wife Victoria aka Posh Spice deserves to be called a lady. We wonder if she deserves to be called human…