Sir Elton John Sued For Groping Bodyguard, Twisting His Nipples And More

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Move over John Travolta, there’s allegedly a new handsy queen in town.

Sir Elton John was just served with a lawsuit from his former bodyguard, who claims the Rocket Man hitmaker sexually harassed him on several different occasions.

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In his lawsuit, Jeffrey Wenninger says he was groped and fondled by Elton on three different occasions while employed by the singer in 2014.

One of the incidents happened when he and Elton were in a car together. The singer reached over and slipped his hands in Wenninger’s pants. Wenniger claims Elton then tried wrapped his hand around his penis and slid his fingers up and down his butt crack.

According to the suit, as he was doing this, Elton then told the bodyguard to “Get your todger out” and “say hello to Uncle Elton.”

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Another time, Wenninger claims Elton twisted his nipples and purred, “You gorgeous thing, you!”

Wenninger says several other similar incidents occurred while he was employed by Elton before he finally quit working for him in September 2014. He’s now suing for sexual harassment and battery.

So far, Elton’s camp is keeping mum about the allegations and the lawsuit.

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h/t: TMZ