Siriano Wants Gays To Save Spears

Now that he’s won Project Runway, Christian Siriano’s got a new mission: save Britney Spears. Via AfterElton:

AE: I read in an interview with you that you said you wanted to save Britney Spears because she needs the gays.
CS: [laughing] She does. I know.

AE: Tell me what you’d do.
CS: Oh, my god. Listen, have you ever noticed Britney has no gays? She has no little fairies running around helping her. I don’t understand that.

AE: I know.
CS: It’s really horrible. Now I said to a producer once that I wanted to do a reality show called Project Britney instead of Project Runway, where I would take Britney for the next six months and I would do hair, makeup, wardrobe every day for her and become her personal staff every day. And then of course I would be, hello, the thanks that everyone has to give for saving Britney, ‘cause I would totally save her whole image and – oh my god, it would be flawless.

Christian, honey, you’re all fierce or whatever, but it’s going to take a bit more than a new look to save that girl. A time machine would be a good start…