SI’s GOP Urging Anti-Gay Philandering Fossella To Run Again

New York politician Vito Fossella may get a chance to redeem himself.

Fosella, a Republican Assemblyman represented New York’s Staten Island, said last May that he would not seek reelection after being arrested for drunk driving and admitting to having a child with his mistress. GOP officials here, however, have been pushing for a political resurrection:

[Leaders] have been increasing pressure on former Assemblyman Robert A. Straniere, who won the Republican primary this month, to withdraw from the race for the Congressional seat so that they can substitute Mr. Fossella’s name for his.

“We are making some last-ditch efforts to try to convince Vito Fossella to run and to create opportunities for him to run,” said Guy V. Molinari, a former Staten Island borough president and a mentor to many local Republicans, including Mr. Fossella.

Mr. Molinari said that he had met in the last few days with State Senator Andrew D. Lanza and other Republican leaders in the borough to brainstorm about ways to get Mr. Fossella to run again.

Apparently Straniere faces “certain defeat” this November, and Fossella’s seen as the most capable replacement. It’s worth mentioning, we think that baby-fathering Fossella thrice voted to preserve “the sanctity of marriage.”