Sisqo’s Gay Secret!

It seems Dru Hill’s Sisqo’s an uphill gardener. The paparazzi caught the R&B crooner queering it up with an unidentified Asian male suitor.

We’re not sure what we like best about this sticky situation situation, the fact that our suspicions have finally been confirmed or that Sisqo dealt with the situation by running into the woods wearing only socks. Guess he couldn’t find his thong, th-thong, thong, thong…


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  • inlineguy

    This is from a movie a stupid movie he was in.

  • james_boston

    Uh…I love Mediatakeout as much as the next guy but they’re about as accurate as the Weekly World News. In fact, if any story there turns out to be true, you can bet it was by accident.

    But don’t let that stop you from repeating nonsense. Even though inlineguy is right and that scene above is from that classic teen movie from 2000, “Get Over It”.

  • Martini-boy

    Journalism at its best. Nice going, queerty.

  • jcleroy1982

    This post is wrong on so many levels. As has already been pointed out, this is a still from a movie; however, it is not from “Get Over It.” It’s from a 2006 release called “Surf School” (believe me, I know my Dreamcaps).

    But more disturbingly, the “unidentified Asian male suitor” is actually Caucasian actor Miko Hughes. When will diminutive, pale, brunette actors be safe from this smear campaign of yours?

  • james_boston

    My bad…unlike Queerty and Mediatakeout, I can admit my mistakes.

  • sisqo_luvva

    Sisqo’s as gay as hugh hefner..

    this was from the movie ‘surf school’

  • FuckYou

    You people are gay for posting this! This from a movie. The guy isn’t even asian!… you are probably trying to create this gay scenario for your own pleasure!! I hope you jacked off to this you sick bastards!

  • Apple

    he should sue ya’ll punk asses

  • keshie bradley

    i dot now why they say such a thing bout him hes not fuqin gay all the homos r juss tryin 2 make him look bad qat the fuq is that issue hes fuqin 2 sexi 2 be gay

  • Steve

    Too hot to be gay. Honey you need to go to a gay bar. Some of the hottest men alive are gay. As for Sisqo, I pray to God he is gay cause I’d fall all over his cock. Love the man whether he’s gay or straight. You did get one thing right though, he’s definately HOT. I’d give it up for him.

  • He Is Gay

    I used to be a fan of his. yea he is gay. i dont care if this is a movie or not but believe it hes gay & a rapist. come on dyes his hair like every week, has his bellybuttom pierced & the top of his ear pierced. so gay. sisqo, you know that your gay, just come out & say it.

  • moreano jones

    @He is gay the hair color issue so gay the navel ring relly dontimply he is because male strippers have them but hey they be bi smh I like him I was young listen to his music

  • nathan charlton

    you expect us to believe that guy with a kid of his own, a song about girls and that always has hot girls with him is gay? that is almost as stupid as Elvis is alive. and, as mentioned above, that pic is from a movie.

  • MikeE

    @nathan charlton: Ever heard of one Ricky Martin? Kids, songs about girls, and always surrounded by hot women… and eventually came out of the closet.

    ah, the naiveté is astonishing.

  • phyllis

    I dont know hes gay just know he sexy and he sings like à little peice of heaven

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