Sissy’s List?

Britain’s National Health Service has some gay men on edge. The government agency plans on polling gaggles of gay men in order to track “safe sex lapsers,” who lead sexually dangerous lives.

Officials hope the register will help stem the spread of disease, but gay activists worry such sensitive information could be used against them. Further, many fear the initiative will alienate ass men. Gay Men’s Health Charity leader Matthew Hodson worries:

With no evaluated pilot of this initiative, and no evidence that supports it as an effective strategy, HIV charities fear it could undo years of work and alienate many men who do not want to access services in this way.

The NHS has gone out of its way to ensure complete privacy. A spokesman insisted: “The way we collect data will be developed with the successful tenderer and patient confidentiality will be paramount.” The organization’s words aren’t quelling the queers. According to The Guardian, only 17% of gay men will willingly participate.