Sister Roma Gives Behind-The-Scenes Details Of What Went Down At Facebook HQ

Facebook Drag Queens-5On a recent webisode of Tim & Roma LIVE!, drag queen and Facebook #MyNameIs torch bearer Sister Roma offered a bit of insight from behind the scenes of her recent (disappointing) meeting with Facebook brass over the “real name” requirements.

Here’s what she said:

Let’s just say we actually had a meeting with Facebook and the thing that really gave me hope was afterwards we met with members of the LGBT employees, and they hinted that people on the inside of Facebook are definitely — there’s some people on our side. Facebook is aware of this problem and they’ve had internal discussions about it, and we’re going to force them to address it. So there you go.

It would seem, though, there aren’t enough people within Facebook who are “on our side.” Roma has a protest planned for Thursday, October 2nd outside San Francisco City Hall to pressure the social network to rethink its policy.

The #MyNameIs protest, it should be noted, is being promoted on Facebook.

“Facebook is picking a fight with the wrong crowd: we know REALNESS isn’t the name we were given at birth, it’s the name we kiki with online and off! We invite EVERYONE to join us in a massive protest of this tired policy — everyone has a right to control their identity online!” reads part of the event description.

Facebook would do well to satisfy the reasonable demands of its users. In light of the “real name” issue and other mounting concerns over things like privacy and advertising clutter, many are choosing to deactivate their accounts altogether.

The new site Ello has received plenty of attention as a potential alternative to Facebook, though it has a long way to go before it can be considered a powerful competitor. Still, momentum is building and Facebook would be foolish not to be paying attention.