Rehab for LaRue

Sister Roma Says Chi Chi LaRue’s Drug Addiction “Desperate and Critical”

larue-romaIf you really had any idea what Chi Chi has been going through for the past 4-5 years — If you had any IDEA of how desperate and critical her condition has been — you’d understand that she does not have the money to pay for treatment herself.

You’d also know that at the time of her intervention she was in NO CONDITION to make any decisions regarding her treatment. Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon – it was decided for her. So don’t accuse her of being a diva or being t0o grand to go to a shelter or some other place for free care. The fact is that she is there and embracing the program. There is hope.

After this initial stage of treatment is complete there will be drastic changes — it will not be glamorous, it will not be easy, and it will not be cheap. There are major expenses in addition to treatment.”

Chi Chi LaRue’s friend Sister Roma, in a message on her Facebook page, addressing critics who question the GoFundMe campaign established for LaRue’s drug rehab treatment

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  • Guy068

    I’m gonna go with ‘I pay for my own mistakes (and the majority aren’t cheap either) and Chi Chi should do the same’. And she didn’t choose Hazeldon, so what? When I was in a hospital for treatment (clinical depression and four other diagnoses as it turned out) it looked like my insurance was going to run out before treatment was done. There was a plan in place to be transferred somewhere I could afford. Chi Chi should try that…

  • Anthony Bryan Hilton

    Hmmmm, I was on the cruise with him back in December and he was really fun and all smiles all 8 days of the cruise……. PLus it’s hard for me to understand how someone who produced so many Porno movies could be broke. Also all the booking fees he makes? He is always at different clubs all over the United states every time I see his profile. Also their are plenty of other places in the United states that are cheaper than 40,000 dollars……

  • QJ201

    So they had an intervention and put her in rehab. Obviously not going well if they want to extend her stay (e.g., she hates being there and isn’t getting “recovery”)

    Most rehabs are 28 days and then out.

  • Terry Sandy

    He should have thought of that years ago when he was PnP with all those twinks who thought they were going to be big STARS!.

  • JimboinLA

    Thousands and thousands of people have gotten sober with twelve step programs like AA and NA. Sure it’s more comfortable to be in a luxury setting while you work the twelve steps but it is far from necessary. How about if Mr. Paciotti gives up his drag queen/porn queen alter ego, and faces up to the fact that he is an addict named David and not some glamourous faux celebrity. Get out Weho, move back to Minnesota, get a simple job,move into a halfway house and start working those twelve steps like countless other Weho circuit party casualties have done over the years. Perhaps the restless spirits of the many many dead gay porn stars Mr. Paciotti convinced to work bareback in the eighties and nineties when Aids was decimating our communities have come back to take their toll on David Paciotti. You can throw all the money in the world at the problem but it still boils down to humbling himself and working the twelve steps which he can easily do in Hibbing, Minnesota where he is from and probably has family.

  • Joe T

    You know how you don’t get a drug addiction? Be smart enough to not do drugs. It never ends well no matter what you may think. No idea why people think they have to drink to excess, do drugs and fuck everyone. Have some damn self respect.

  • Cesar Fortun

    What happened to her porn

  • Giancarlo85

    @JimboinLA: You seem to have all the answers. I think ChiChi can get help here in LA. No need to move back to Minnesota.

  • enfilmigult

    Christ, what’s with the hostility in the comments. You don’t want to donate, then don’t.

  • JimboinLA

    He IS in Minnesota at The Betty Ford Center. But there is no need to spend $20,000 a month to work the twelve steps. AA and NA meetings ask for a $1 donation per meeting. So what is the $40,000 really spent on?

  • Darryl Cummings

    Go fund me. Please. Let someone else pay for your fucked up life. Pitiful…

  • Russell Kolat

    Does no one realize when your addicted …their isn’t enough money in the world to fund your habits. If your an addict, u blow through it all I n no time. Prayers sent for him. . . It’s a long hard road but I’m here to tell u if u want it and bad enough than the programs works…the rooms work. One day at a time chi chi !


    GoFundMe? Seriously? I’ve been funding Miss Chi Chi most of my adult life. I read somewhere that she was among one of the richest people in Hollywood and I’m sure she still has a massive income from her porn on the internet. Think I’ll keep my money to myself.

  • JimboinLA

    “After this initial stage of treatment…it will not be cheap. There are major expenses in addition to treatment.” $650 per day? What are these expenses pray tell??

  • SeeingAll

    “Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon- it was decided for her”, says Sister Roma. Well what genius chose the expensive place for Mr. Paciotti, Roma ?

  • Keith Michael Patrick

    her suffering is not greater than any other addict……money won’t help

  • Ray Southern

    From these comments it’s clear the gay ‘community’ is a bastion of care and compassion….

  • SeeingAll

    @Ray Southern: You’re right. We’re supposed to hand over money to anyone who asks, for anything, just because he prefers-the-same-sex too.

  • Stache99

    @JimboinLA: First off his name is Larry. Secondly, he’s known to promote condom usage. Not bareback.

  • Mykaels

    “…Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon- it was decided for her”

    Understood. But she can transfer to a place that will accept her insurance, put her on a payment plan, set up a payment plan, etc.

    As for people complaining about “compassion”… she is not in some ghetto hellhole and her friends are doing a fund raiser to get her into some place with less rats gnawing on her leg, she is in a premium, expensive place and you do not want her to go to a more affordable but less glamorous place. THAT is obscene.

    A man that walks ten miles to work in 100 degree heat or 20 degree cold, I would gladly donate money to get him a used decent car. The executive who was demoted to manager and cannot afford his Mercedes anymore, I am not going to donate to keep him in his Mercedes. Put him in a Chevrolet and be done with it.

  • Hank Trout

    It’s good to see LaRue, or any other addict, getting the healthcare she or he needs. I hope the intervention and treatment are successful.

    That said… Back in the early 2000s, I worked at a leather goods store South of Market for a few years, which was in the same building that housed a club where LaRue and her crew were filming for a couple days. I have never — NEVER — met a nastier, angrier, more demanding, more inconsiderate, meaner bullying bitch in over 40 years of being out. At one point she marched into the store and started ordering me AND CUSTOMERS around like she fucking owned us.

  • lykeitiz

    OK Roma, then you & your well-off friends who picked Shangri-La for Chi-Chi’s recovery can collectively foot the bill.

    @JimboinLA: You speak a truth that no one wants to hear! One of the biggest traits of addiction is living to excess. Anyone who’s serious about getting clean has to view a lavish lifestyle as a completely separate issue. Downsizing your surroundings in order to save your well-being is in most cases a fact that has to be faced.

    Having said that though, I’m in agreement about one thing with @Stache99: I always thought his first name was Larry.

  • JimboinLA

    @Stache99: My faux pas. It is my understanding that in the late 80’s and early 90’s he was recruiting and working with his mentor William Higgins. Jeremy Scott, Jon and J.W. King, Buster, Angel of course Joey Stefano…the list of gay men who barebacked in Higgins’ movies and died of AIDS is extensive and depressing. By the late eighties we knew how HIV was transmitted and still these people kept churning out product which allowed people to get infected. Sure after the body count got too high to ignore he became an advocate for condoms, but he was in the thick of bareback gay porn at the height of the epidemic. Higgins fled to Europe and Larry (Larry David Paciotti) continued making porn and apparently doing tons of coke and meth and my guess is he got into the pharmaceutical opiates which lead him to where he is today. I don’t have a lot of sympathy and certainly won’t be contributing to his faux celebrity rehab. But by all means if you wish to donate $650 to pay for one day of his rehabilitation be my guest.

  • Cam

    Here’s an idea, People can donate to “Chi Chi” as soon as she starts paying all of the actors in the movies she has made money every time one of their scenes are reused.

    That is how it is done for all legit filmaking, the only reason the laws haven’t extended that to porn is because none of the actors have thought to sue for it.

    But as soon as Miss Larue wants to treat everybody she deals with fairly maybe it wouldn’t sound so ludicrous for her to ask for a free ride from others.

  • Robby Robinson

    She’s been a mess her entire life…it’s no secret.

  • rikard

    you have to solve a little math problem when log gin in on this site to “prove your humanity”. comments here show the test proves nothing. I’m sympathetic to the challenges of getting sober, but throwing money at the problem for drugs, or rheab don’t usually make the difference. funding campaigns are an interesting part of social media and can raise tens of thousands of dollars to support anti gay bakers and the small town pizza place threatened and graffiti tagged “fag”.

  • TrueWords

    I am sick & tired of Sister Roma and the comment “it’s time to give back” Chi Chi got paid & we bought the porn…. end of transaction

  • SeeingAll

    @rikard: The small-town pizza place (Delta, Utah) turned out to be a hoax by the victim, though, don’t forget. Supposedly all donations wrere returned.

  • walshwitch

    So, what is it “we don’t know” that’s so viable to your conviction that we give? I tend to agree that many, and I mean MANY, achieve this with literally no money at all. And AA does not require $1. They require that you participate. #service

  • Glücklich

    @JimboinLA: $650’s about the going rate for a room at the Ritz Carlton at L.A. Live.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Terry Sandy: I am not putting you down in regards to your comment but she gay us Joey Stafano, Tony Davis, Tristan Paris, Brett Everett (who made so much money off of his website he even bought a pool for his former high school)………..she launched numerous stars (all white, but I won’t go there) on their way. She provided a very profitable service with the help from people who were not forced to do or take anything. All that was required was everyone be nothing else but themselves.

    Now if the “star” lost his way, that was not her fault in my opinion because the “stars” no doubt sought her out because of their “problems” of whatever (seeking porn stardom, drug addiction or just plain young, cute, horny and last, lost and directionless). She worked with what she had, a talent for porn, made a fortune and has obviously/presumably lost it. What a damn shame it is too. Does anyone know what happened to Tony Davis or Tristan Paris?

  • Cam


    Anybody notice that this troll comes on to most posts and invariably tries to bring up that situation in Utah?

    We get it, you’re a troll, you hate gays.

  • Glücklich

    @Joe T:
    Are you here? {Making “fingers walking” motion on my forehead} ‘Cause I swear to god you’re right here! Agree completely with your post.

    Now, I adore Sister Roma and I love that she’s involved in helping another person who has problems with which she’s familiar, but the fundraising is just..I dunno…tone deaf. I’m probably armchair intervening here (I’ve no experience with interventions) but an intervention takes planning, part of which should have been a review of financing treatment. Sorry to be a ruthless pragmatist but someone has to be.

  • Ryanpdx25

    If someone has been around for a few decades and has demonstrated the clarity of mind to run a business, then there are plenty of incremental and significant decisions they’ve made to end up where they are in life. Frankly it makes total sense why insurance to rehabilitate a 55 year old is so expensive.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @JimboinLA: $650.00 a day isn’t bad considering there are nurses, doctors supported by a staff trained to handle just about any emergency that arises. Then there’s food, lights, maintenance of the facility such as cleaning the bed linens, floors and grounds outside along with hauling away trash. With expenses such as those I figure all of $75-90 dollars of that $650 is profit for the facility. Drug/alcohol treatment is nothing else but a business that hopes you do relapse regardless of how much they preach you won’t. The only person who is going to help you is you. Sometimes it can be for all the better for you to hit the bottom in order to find the way back to the top.

    @Ryanpdx25: David Geffen held a news conference with Calvin Klein present when he loaned him $60 million dollars to save his empire. No one would lone Klein a cent because he was out of control. The first thing they (the bankers) said was “you had it all pal and blew it, too bad” but Geffen had a better idea. Humiliate him so that he would never put himself in that situation again. It seems to have worked so far. Maybe this is Chi chi’s humiliation to bring her back to reality. Good luck honey.

  • Charlie in Charge

    I don’t understand why people get so offended by a GoFundMe campaign. If you don’t want to donate don’t donate and don’t hate on the people that do. It’s OK to ask for help and she’s not using tax dollars. It’s OK to not donate, no one can make you.

  • Spike

    Kinda sounds like karma, to me.

  • Jesus Malverde

    Try the Van Ness house in Los Angeles, there is no upfront fee but you pay when you are back on your feet. There is no other expense. There is no need for a ‘go fund me’ campaign.

  • MarionPaige

    People not in the gay adult industry see Chi Chi LaRue as what he publicly presents himself to be, i.e. an alleged gay porn director and “owner” of a gay porn studio (and multiple gay porn libraries). However, as previously said, Chi Chi LaRue is really like a PR Agent for the old guard gay porn industry. he’s been this somewhat “acceptable face” for people in gay porn not eager to show their faces (nor to be publicly known). So, when someone says “give back to Chi Chi LaRue”, he probably means do something for LaRue now in return for all the unpaid industry boosting work LaRue did in the past. HOWEVER,

    The gofundme campaign for LaRue is not just aimed at industry insiders, is it? One has to assume that if LaRue’s friends thought that deep pocket industry insiders (the porn companies making money now) would contribute to LaRue’s plight, they would have done some private fund raising instead of going public.

  • petensfo

    I know lots of people that were very low & came back & without a month-long stay at a rehab. Maybe she should stay with Roma. Didn’t we just hear about her drug struggles in the recent past?

    Honestly, I wish them both well. There are lots of ways to help people get & stay sober, but enabling them with cash infusions only defers the humility required to get there.

    Get over yourselves already.

  • odowd4sure

    ” she is not in some ghetto hellhole and her friends are doing a fund raiser to get her into some place with less rats gnawing on her leg,”… So then at least we know she is not staying at Madonna’s house. Thank goodness for that, as we all know about the twizted partying that goes on there! Although, with the drug-fueled non-sense, she could be with “The Boy” god knows that even though he says he left that all behind, he was smacking like jack in L.A. recently!!!!!!!!!! Boys care to comment on B.G’s craziness this past week?????? I will tumble 4 ya, indeed!!!!!

  • walshwitch

    @petensfo: Well stated.

  • RJ Deacon

    Shame on you guys! People need help and you have no clue what circumstances Chi Chi are under! Karma hurts when it bites!

  • buddy-x

    As a recovering addict myself, I know that in order to sustain your life away from addiction you have to choose to do so. It is probably the hardest thing to learn to live with but in order to live you must choose your life over drugs. Everyone has made mistakes, no one is perfect. It’s what we do to redeem ourselves that counts. I genuinely hope Miss LaRue will discover what a valuable person she is to herself and others and decide to change her life for the better. Sending positive energy and hope your way, Chi Chi.

  • walshwitch

    @RJ Deacon: No, we don’t know– my point exactly. More here than meets the eye.

  • Stache99

    @Cam: Hadn’t really thought about it but your of coarse exactly right. It’s sad that the best they can hope for later using it to promote an escorting career while these studios make bank using their images and scenes for decades to come.

  • Stache99

    @Bob LaBlah: You sure he was done with the humiliation? Nick Gruber and all.

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: And the worst thing about the GoFundMe Rick Jones, Delta, Utah gaybashing hoax was that anybody who expressed any skepticism over the initial story was attacked, called “self-hating”, “blaming the victim”, etc. As usual.

  • Jacob23

    It’s really shocking to me that someone with gender issues isn’t healthy, stable and thriving. I guess those are just heteronormative markers for success. Maybe for a “gender transgressive queer” being addicted, desperate and in critical condition is the trifecta for success.

    BTW, I doubt the claims by the (um, I’m gonna guess) man calling himself “Sister Roma.” If Paciotti really has lost the fortune he made from his porno company, then he would still be able to get care at little to no cost. The ACA required him to sign up for health insurance and that would cover addiction treatment. If he failed to sign up, he can still get coverage because the ACA eliminated pre-existing conditions limitations on coverage. And if he is just flat broke, then Medi-Cal would step in to cover it.

  • Billy Budd

    I never paid for porn, always got if free and pirated it. I will never give Chi Chi one cent of my hard earned money.

  • Cam

    @SeeingAll: said… “@Cam: And the worst thing about the GoFundMe Rick Jones, Delta, Utah gaybashing hoax was that anybody who expressed any skepticism over the initial story was attacked, called “self-hating”, “blaming the victim”, etc. As usual.”

    The fact that no matter what the story posted is, you keep talking about one gay hoax in Utah just shows you are a right wing troll. Here is a thought, ask yourself why the obsession with that incident? Once you’ve figured that out, you’re on the way to being a normal person.

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: I’ll figure that out if you can figure out why you said you so wanted to be in that pic with Chi Chi and Roma. What’d you say ? Your own face squeezed in between the wide-open-mouthed wild Chi Chi LaRue and the ever-disapproving Sister Roma..? Like three divas. Uhhh….okay.

  • myloginname

    She’s in my prayers I hope she battles her demons. She may not think she can make it but this is the time she can indeed make it through her darkest moments.

  • Cary Lee Hackett

    …All the best to her in treatment and recovery! …We Are All One Under The Sun…

  • SeeingAll

    @Cary Lee Hackett: I’m one with THAT person ???

  • spiffy

    With “friends” like most of the commenters in this story, who needs enemies?

    @JimboinLA: You seem like the type of people who think the solution to America’s obesity epidemic is “just eat less!”

    @Billy Budd: You should tweet that with your real name!

  • Bob LaBlah

    If I were her I would shop a reality series or a book. Book sales are down every where but I bet her story would sell. She ain’t no worse than a helluva lot of the others involved one way or another in porn. I bet there are some out there even slimier than she is being made out to be. A tell-all documentary from someone who was there is long overdue.

  • Ogre Magi

    I would have though Chi-Chi had plenty of money. Her videos seem to be very popular

  • seaguy

    I guess ChiChi was too busy partying to be bothered to sign up for Obamacare cause it cover rehab.

  • seaguy

    @Joe T: Addiction is a disease in case you did not know that. Get off your high horse!

  • djark

    The funny thing when you set up a gofundme page is that sometimes people are curious as to why. I have nothing against Chi Chi and wish here well – but come on. Chi Chi LaRue’s net worth is somewhere around the 4 to 7 million (yes million) dollar range. It increased by quite a bit in 2014 – 2015. I wish her well and hopes she gets better but this “she cannot afford it” thing comes off wrong. If she cannot afford the price of the high end place find another one that doesn’t cost as much. Wish you well but I for one don’t believe you cannot afford – Not want to pay, yes – not able to afford no. It is amazing how much info you can get on someone these days on the internet with very little effort. So if she paid she would have only 3.8 million left using the low end of the net worth info.

  • buffnightwing

    Here is the problem I have with this:

    I worked for Chi Chi in about 4 movies back around 2000. HE/SHE is a very nice wonderful caring person. I applaud her friends for getting her into rehab, but the WHOLE business is full of drug abuse and lots of HIV positive porn stars.

    When I had my downfall, NONE of these people were around to HELP me. The drugs take over and these people become something different.

    I had to quit doing METH, on my OWN. No rehab or anything.

    The gay community really needs to address the serious addiction problems that we have.

    Partying is lots of fun, UNTIL IT ISN’T!!!!!

    Sister Roma now has pulmonary lung disease from doing METH for twenty years!

    If we really love our fellow gay friends we need to stamp this garbage out of our communities.

    That means saying things to friend that shoot up, or snort or anything else.

    It is NOT a sustainable lifestyle and ends up hurting families and friends.

    Good luck CHI CHI, but you have plenty of money, OR YOU DID??


  • Vegas Tearoom

    I’ll wait for the movie.

  • PacoMDFACS

    Part of #Recovery is owning your part and learning to deal with the problems. Not having other people deal with them for you. Ask any old timer who was a junkie and now has at least 10 to 20 years of #Sobriety.

  • DeltaDawnDavenport

    WOW! So embarrassing that this ancient porn pig from hell had a go fund me page. I hope she made nothing and got kicked out into the street and is now eating out of KFC dumpsters while homeless crackheads shoot the AIDS virus up her butt. Fucking hideous wildebeest.

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