Six Great Ways to Turn Little Timmy Gay


Queerty presents a quick and easy guide to turning your potentially heterosexual child gay. While nothing substitutes for a long stay at a straight-reperative therapy camp, it’s our hope that these simple tips will help parents avoid the costly mistake of raising a straight child, with all the accompanying shame and sense of failure that comes along with it. We hope you’ll share with us your own tips of keeping the influence of breeders at bay from our precious, precious children.

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  • unclemike

    Also, Mom’s and Dad’s? It’s very tabboo and totally gay to check your spelling and grammar before publishing.


  • nephewjay

    if you’re going to mock someone’s spelling and grammar, get it all right; it’s taboo.

  • thisismikesother

    irony and bitchy gays. two of my favorite things ever.

  • ioni

    I love it for what it is!

  • RS

    @nephewjay: And Moms and Dads, plural but not possessive. But I actually assumed it was intentional.

  • Slider

    I agree with what Stuff Queer People Need to Know and LOL louder given the irony of the poster Stuff that Queer People Need to Know was commenting about the ironic humor and quite funny post of Queerty informing Str8 Mommies and Daddies stuff they need to know about turning their children Gay….all very funny and thanks for making my day and I bet Timmy’s too:) Unless of course there is grammatical mistakes and well, then the Grammar (or is it Grammer) Police will send me back to learn how to spell and how to write a sentence. I swear I used to know how until the internet came along and I started reading stuff Queers need to know…..yeah, that’s the reason….

    any way, I digress..but thanks for a great article/post and the comments too~!

  • Lance Rockland

    You forgot one: Make your little boy listen to lots and lots of Barbra Streisand records.

    It worked for me! :-)

  • Slider

    Lance, it worked for me too…..as a little boy and ever since I have simply adored Barbra Streisand..and you forgot to add Judy Garland……both were to me just well let’s say I signed up early for my Gay membership card…..even if I didn’t get a toaster…but then I also had a fondness for GI Joe and of course played with my sisters Barbie and Ken dolls…..I am sure we all could come up with a long list of why we little Timmys all became Gay (I sucked at sports and hated every minute of it..and yes, was always chosen last and pummeled in Dodge Ball)

  • Brianna

    “Queerty presents a quick and easy guide to turning your potentially heterosexual child straight.”

    Well then.
    Let’s play spot the error.

  • unclemike

    Oh, Nephewjay…I was gently mocking by using the same spelling errors that occurred in the original post–

    –you know what? Never mind. When you have to explain things that much, the funny dies.

    Carry on.

  • bigjake75

    i especially like the ass slapping reference to sports. sports can be so gay!

  • Deejay

    Taboo is spelled with a single ‘b.’

    I mean no personal insult, I just find it hysterical that you’re insulting spelling and can’t even spell correctly yourself.

  • Deejay

    @Deejay: Woops! Repetition. My bad. =]

  • unclemike

    @Deejay: Unless you’re an actress from India, then you get to spell it Tabu.

  • J

    *right-click save*

  • cruiser

    @unclemike: Isn’t that a womans fragrance?! I remember it used to come in a pink bottle!

  • Courtney Act

    I have often wondered am I gay because I like Barbara Streisand or do I like Barbara Streisand because I am gay? Any insights?

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