Game Over?

Six Questions About Homeland Security’s Attack On Rentboy


By now, you’d have to live under a rock not to have heard about the feds bizarre Rentboy raid. There is undoubtedly much more than meets the eye to this developing story. But even at this early stage, there are lots of unanswered questions.

Perhaps most importantly, what on earth were the feds thinking? In a time of clerk’s refusing to issue marriage licenses, terrorist plotting, and violent racists running around one would think they have better things to do with their time.

Here are six puzzles…

1. Jurisdiction

The Department of Homeland Security is behind the investigation and prosecution. This is unexpected – and a bit strange. Typically the federal government does not involve itself with the investigation, much less prosecution of, prostitution and/or pandering (pimping). These matters are usually left up to state or local law enforcement authorities. Why is DHS involved? The fact that DHS has gotten involved suggests Rentboy perhaps attracted the attention of immigration authorities. Perhaps a Rentboy employee – or advertiser – had an immigration issue. Or perhaps DHS has finally figured out that with the newfound ability of gays to marry — the mail order bride business is now open to imported dudes — in addition to busty Ukrainian blondes? Is this ICE’s new and more compelling reason for the sudden policing of commercial escort sites for potential immigration fraud?

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2. Timing

Everyone has heard about what’s going on with Ashley Madison. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. Where there’s prostitution — there’s blackmail. In a presidential election cycle, the politically ambitious within DHS, the Department of Justice, the Obama Administration and the Democratic party could all have a field day with a list of people who regularly log into Rentboy: J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy. The list goes on and on. J/K. But this much is a sure bet — there are probably lots of closeted bigwigs — GOP Congressmen and officials, Catholic bishops, TV ministers and CEOs come to mind – who may be developing a serious PR problem in the not-too-distant future. (Assuming they registered for the site with their email.)

3. Scope

Will it just be Rentboy? Or are there a few more shoes to drop ? Is this just an isolated power grab or publicity stunt by a few rogue agents or prosecutors? Or is this the first salvo in a broad and concerted initiative by DHS to shut down online prostitution? If so, will DHS be investigating sites that heterosexuals use for such purposes? What about the half dozen or so other gay escort sites out there?

4. Focus on gay sex acts

The Rentboy complaint is oddly prurient, with prosecutors listing various fetishes from profile pages, including “diapers, sneakers, spanking, watersports, leather,” for no apparent reason other than shock value. What’s wrong with a little foot worship?

5. Purpose

What is the game plan here? Has anyone given any thought to thec end game? Do we really prefer prostitution back out on the streets? Is this a good use of scarce taxpayer dollars?

6. The future

Rentboy is no longer operating, and the URL now redirects to the scary moniker, What happens next? Are Rentboy’s advertisers just going to (have to) take their business elsewhere like Craigslists or those annoying profiles on Adam4Adam? The Hookies? Or will Rentboy’s first amendment defense succeed – and this all blow over shortly?

Inquiring minds — as they say — want to know. So stay tuned for coming attractions.

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  • Tobi

    The owners of RentBoy were idiots, they could have domiciled themselves anywhere, but they chose New York, whereas rival services such as RentMen and RentMasseur have been sensible and are registered in places such as The Netherlands where prostitution is perfectly legal.

  • Michael Feather

    Sounds like someone at the DHS forgot to use a dummy email account when they signed up…

  • sportyguy1983

    Like it or not here are consequences to committing illegal acts. Prostitution shouldn’t be illegal, but until it is legalized, there are consequences.

  • Stache99

    @Tobi: Yeah, but they’ve been operating for three decades and no one to my knowledge has been busted like that. Not to mention it’s 2015 and people attitudes have changed on it. As long as it wasn’t attracting crime and it was consenting adults who cares. The DHS reasons for busting them have now been reduced to icky gay sex.

    Btw. I really wish this site would convert to disqus or something. Tired of the “your posting too fast” BS.

  • Stache99

    @sportyguy1983: Wasn’t that long ago when stuff like porn and even gay sex was illegal. Yes there was consequences for the people that got arrested and thankfully brave people changed it. These laws are based on a prudishness and religion and need to be ended.

  • Kangol

    @Stache99: Thank you. Just saying something is “illegal” doesn’t make it valid as against the law. Until New York revised its stupid cabaret laws it was illegal to dance in certain venues. In the 21st century! That’s just idiotic.

    Sex work that does not involve trafficking or minors should not be illegal. There are countless other sites that involve trafficking, etc., but the Feds, led by Homeland Security, decided in 2015 to take down It’s just asinine, prudish and puritanical.

    As Queerty says, mentioning the sexual interests and fetishes of users was an attempt to shock people, but anyone kind find far more outrageous things on the internet with a simple Google search. Homeland Security also allegedly participated in the takedown of anti-Wall Street governor Eliot Spitzer. You have to wonder who else is in their cross hairs.

  • Tobi

    @Stache99: I 100% agree, but it really is daft to operate a business model in a place where it’s illegal, regardless of how little the law has been previously enforced. I believe RentBoy turned over something $10m+? Why on earth didn’t they spend a few thou. to incorporate and host in a European country where prostitution isn’t a crime, or at least domicile themselves somewhere in Nevada where prostitution is legal? Truly. Stupid.

  • martinbakman

    That mail order bride point is so ridiculous.
    Gay marriage opponents’ arguments included similar red herrings. Trouble is that our human nature is to believe the 1st argument one hears, even when the comment has no honest foundation to it.

    • Stache99

      @Tobi: Well, I’m sure in hindsight RB most likely agrees with you too.

  • Stache99

    @Kangol: I think your on to something. Being that it’s the conservative Republicans baby nothing at all would surprise me.

  • moldisdelicious

    What exactly is the point of this article? The same thing happens to sites geared towards heterosexuals like Redbook.

    For reference.

    Apparently, the person that wrote this article like many other gay men who are ready to throw up the picket signs the moment they heard “gay” and “police” involved, didn’t care when this happened. I saw no articles about redbook being closed and how sex workers were being threatened. Now you guys have the nerve to turn a matter of prostitutes being locked up for prostitution which in the us is illegal into a gay rights thing. I swear we have jokers in amongst us gay men that are completely ignorant even towards themselves.

    This has nothing to with high end clients or republicans wanting to get back at gay people, which I’m still trying to figure out what prostitution has to do with gay people, for the Ashley Madison hack. It’s just law enforcement doing its job enforcing the law even if those of us disagree with the law. Please stop the bullshit because that’s what it is. If you want to support prostitutes, fine but quit making every single issue that just so happens to have one or two gay people in it to be solely about gay people. That’s just mass manipulation and trickery.

  • Bob LaBlah

    It is sad and unfortunate that the OWNER of brought ALL of this on himself. Keep on being a smartass such as the guy who owned Studio54 (he went on nationwide television bragging about how much money he DIDN”T pay taxes on) and this is the end result.

    The very people you are mocking are sooner or later going to get tired of your ass and will come down on you so hard Thor’s hammer will look more like a styrofoam mallet by the time they are done. Imagine half of the millions of dollars you made are now going to go to attorneys just to keep your loud mouthed ass out of prison. And you had to do was shut the fuck up to have prevented all of this.

  • lykeitiz

    I agree with others……what is the point of this article? Is there new news? I would think the answer to the Homeland Security question lies within the money laundering charges, not just the prostitution charges, which yes….is still illegal.

    And yes, basing themselves in NY was not too bright. Even if they didn’t want to move to the Netherlands, they could have stayed in the U.S. in NV.

    But most importantly, really…….locking up hookers is NOT a gay rights issue….AT ALL!

  • jwtraveler

    @Tobi: @sportyguy1983: @moldisdelicious: @Bob LaBlah: Until recently marijuana possession was illegal in all of the U.S. I suppose you would explain to the thousands of people languishing in prison for years on minor drug charges that they knew it was illegal so they have nothing to complain about. And I’m sure none of you self-righteous asses has never used an illegal drug.

    That said, the owners of Rentboy do seem to have been a bit careless. I guess after a decade with no problems, they became complacent and believed that they were safe from legal consequences. Tragic mistake.
    I do wonder about the motivation for this bust. It clearly has nothing to do with sex trafficking or child abuse. I’m sure there is a lot going on below the surface that we don’t know about and I wouldn’t be surprised that there is a political motivation.

  • MarionPaige

    Historically, in New York City, the charge of promoting prostitution has rarely actually been about prostitution, it has been a quick and dirty way of getting a Judge to issue an order shutting down some undesirable business. Two examples,

    1. “The Pinter Case” in which 50+ year old gay men were arrested in adult bookstores on prostitution grounds. It turned out that the whole operation by the NYPD was designed to shutdown the Adult bookstores on the claim that they were “promoting prostitution”, that the lives of gay men were ruined merely to justify closing adult bookstores.

    2. I personally know of a years long effort by “certain people” to force a small hotel owner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to sell his hotel to a real estate development. When the hotel owner steadfastly refused to sell, an undercover operation by the NYPD claimed that since undercover cops were able to rent rooms in the hotel by the hour that the hotel was promoting prostitution. The City quickly got an order shutting down the hotel.

    An Article at was first that I know of to claim that got Homeland Securities’ Attention by applying for a work visa for an employee. However,

    The Vice article says nothing about the fact that the US Attorney’s press release stating that the prosecution of is being spearheaded by the International Narcotics and Money Laundering Section of The US Attorney’s office.

    The “Narcotics / Money Laundering” angle explains both the sudden prosecution of AND the fact that the complaint was filed in The Eastern District (Brooklyn) when had its offices in Manhattan (Southern District). According to Linkedin, The Chief of The International Narcotics & Money Laundering Section of the United States Attorney’s Office has his office in Brooklyn (The Eastern District of New York).

  • Billy Budd

    Prostitution must be legalized. This would resolve all our problems with rentboys. The prostitute profession is a noble profession, it has always existed and always WILL exist, no matter what people do.

  • DCFarmboy

    Yes, there may (or may not) be more to this story. I would recommend the social libertarians be carefull about coming to their defense too soon.

  • moldisdelicious


    You’re trying too hard breh. There has always been a make Marijuana legal movement, fight against drug prohibition that’s has been going on in the United states. That’s the main reason why a few states after all these years of protesting, lobbying and etc have gotten lax and eased with drug laws and etc.

    Can’t say the same thing has happened with prostitution. You know why? Because folks are greedy and too self invested. Unfortuately, the business of prostitution has always been profiting off of somebody else as well as taking advantage whether it’s the John or the sex worker getting pimped. Honestly, that’s the main reason why the government should legalize and regulate it. Keep these vultures like the men in charge of Rentboy and pimps from being shady.

    Rentboy and redbook were basically pimps. They basically didn’t care about the sex workers or the customers. Theres plenty of stories gone around of how some of these sex workers that folks are throwing pity parties for robbing clients, beating them up, extorting them and a few murder cases even. Plus some of them have stds and aren’t even getting tested. Some of the workers on rentboy are even underaged or sex slaves on the black market. didn’t give a shit though.

    Prostitution should be legalized but strictly regulated.

  • MarionPaige

    fresh off their idiotic campaign to prove that ALL The Gays Just Wanna Marry and that gay people are these entirely acceptable advertiser friendly thangs that don’t pee and poop… you have to wonder just how far the self appointed Gay Activists will go in allowing themselves to be publicly identified with a After all,

    the Advertiser Friendly Campaign by Gay Media, in which Gay Media purged all adult content, created the market for sites like

  • Bob LaBlah

    @jwtraveler: “And I’m sure none of you self-righteous asses has never used an illegal drug.

    That said, the owners of Rentboy do seem to have been a bit careless.”

    Look everyone. Look at the kettle call the “pot” black, pun intended. Yes, you are correct. I have NO problem telling the world that ol’ Bob LaBlah “aint no saint”. People have been given years behind bars for such bullshit, minuscule amounts of drugs till it is pathetic. I can think back to the days when boxer Leon Spinks got arrested for possession of cocaine where the analysts proved there was more cut than coke in that little bag (Leon was not the brightest bulb in the pack and it is simply criminal the number of people who took advantage of him).

    What my “self righteous ass” pointed out was how braggarts put their own asses out there for public display got what they asked for. Keep in mind if you or anyone else ever appear to “make it” in America or anywhere else for that matter; there are people out there who are going to be jealous of your success and they WILL start talking about how you came about it and just what you are doing. I lived in Washington, D.C. and the notorious drug dealer Rayful Edmond the Third got so bold he started hanging around the basketball team of George Washington University. He got so flamboyant that the black coach of the team had to call him off to the side and explain to him that his (Rayful) coming around those kids (he was a kid himself, more or less) flashing a $100k diamond studded watch, multiple luxury cars and no visual means of support was getting him, the coach, calls from people asking what the hell was going on with the players.

    You see, when you know damn well what you are doing aint exactly right, but you are making a killing doing it, shut the fuck up lest you bring in unwanted attention. I said unwanted, not unwarranted attention. That just what happened in this case. Your clandestine defense of him seems a bit off track.

  • gaym50ish

    I see this as a free-speech issue. Rentboy was NOT taking a cut from any of its advertisers, so it was not accepting money for prostitution. It was taking money ONLY for posting ads on its site, from escorts who wanted to offer their services.

    Whether their “escort” services involved sex was between the escort and the client, and that’s the same way female escort services have remained in business for decades. Clients pay for the escort’s time, and what happens behind closed doors is…well, behind closed doors.

    Rentboy was no different from gay publications that run classified ads for escorts or “models.” Even the Advocate used to run those ads before it became a “respectable” gay news maagazine.

  • Billy Budd

    @moldisdelicious: I totally agree that prostitution should be legal AND regulated. Prostitutes should have health insurance, pension plans, and pay taxes. Just like everybody else. This is how it is done in many European countries.

  • youarekiddingme

    @moldisdelicious: I am not a supporter of prostitution (although it IS LEGAL in LAS VEGAS) unless it is well-regulated and safe. (stupid name that only drew attention), was not the smartest business model and they probably got sloppy after being in business for decades with no hassle. It does puzzle me as to why they were hit by the Department of Homeland Security. If there was something else going on that was not mentioned in the article (interstate money laundering, etc), the FBI has jurisdiction over those issues. There was NO reason for the DHS to become involved in this raid/arrest. I believe the local, state and FBI could have handled the headquarters offices by themselves. There were no fortifications. No grenades, threats of automatic weapons or killing police or terroristic activity. They were running an online escort service.

    As to your statements:

    “Rentboy and redbook were basically pimps. They basically didn’t care about the sex workers or the customers. Theres plenty of stories gone around of how some of these sex workers that folks are throwing pity parties for robbing clients, beating them up, extorting them and a few murder cases even. Plus some of them have stds and aren’t even getting tested. Some of the workers on rentboy are even underaged or sex slaves on the black market. didn’t give a shit though.”

    “They basically didn’t care about the sex workers or the customers.” They had a helluva database of customers for a company that didn’t care about it’s customers…and they were in business for DECADES. If they didn’t care about their workers I also think they would have had a problem keeping that business afloat.

    “There’s plenty of stories gone around of how some of these sex workers that folks are throwing pity parties for robbing clients, beating them up, extorting them and a few murder cases even.” Where are these cases? I have seen NO EVIDENCE of your “stories”. You hearing something does not equal it being a fact…logical fallacy.

    “Some of the workers on rentboy are even underaged or sex slaves on the black market. didn’t give a shit though.” Your statements are all conjecture. You have no factual basis. Hot air.

    I have never employed an escort/prostitute…I am certainly not sticking up for that site. They did some stupid shit. I believe the DHS did NOT need to be involved. The FBI could have handled it just as well and it’s their jurisdiction.

  • tusgold

    exxactly, everyone knows its a prostitution site for porn stars. it is illegal

  • Tombear

    I guess those poor rentboys will be forced to use food stamps and section 8 housing now!

  • moldisdelicious


    Why do you keep on focusing on as if the takedown of that site was an isolated incident when I already pointed out to you that that wasnt the only escort/prostitution site that was taken down in the same exact fashion.

    Hot air you say?

    And I’ve heard from other men who have known people who have escorted on that site while being underaged. Common sense should tell you that a site that is unregulated like is bound to have those types of problems. Rentboy.con doesn’t verify people’s identities as there were ads with escorts using other people’s photos.

    • Stache99

      @moldisdelicious: Rentboy only offered a website for people to place ads. For them to “pimp” would mean demanding a cut from each transaction.

      Never seen so much pearl clutching hyperbole.

  • mujerado

    @moldisdelicious: The words “gay rights” don’t appear anywhere in the article. In fact, I don’t see anyone at all making this into such an issue. Knee-jerk much?

  • youarekiddingme

    @moldisdelicious: @mujerado: @Stache99: moldisdelicious…read the other articles above and get a GRIP! It was a fuckin website! They weren’t pimps! That’s like saying Cragslist is responsible for every fraudulent listing…get a life…

    Rentboy fucked because they knew the “product” they were listing was illegal. Period.. They knew NOTHING of the Particulars!!

    • Stache99

      @youarekiddingme: Hmm..didn’t I just say that?

  • youarekiddingme

    @Stache99: Yea, sorry…I inadvertently put you guys in there…meant to copy and paste. I apologize. Have a good weekend!

  • Hobbesian Academic


    The take down of myredbook is not the same thing because, among other things, Myredbook was confined mostly to the bayarea/west coast and the indictment for myredbook is very business like and to the point. Whereas the criminal complaint filed against rentboy is nothing but another purple pamphlet vividly and pointlessly defining sex acts, at one point even defining what rimming is.

    Second, rentboy was not perfect and I am sure there were cases of abuse, of underage listing, fraud and/or clients/escorts taking advantaged of each other. But on the whole rentboy was a god send to escorts and clients because it was infinitely safer than trying to connect through other services (like adam4adam) or the street.

    You know what would really help to end abuse? bring sex work into the light and making it legal.

    And yes this is a queer rights issue; If the gov’t can curtail my bodily autonomy by criminalizing one type of sexual expression between consenting adults there is no way that other types of sexual expression can not be curtailed.

    Laws against prostitution are unjust, they are unjust for the same reason laws against sodomy are unjust

  • moldisdelicious

    sounds like a lot of you guys are out of tune with reality.

    let me just make it simple for some of you guys that are stuck living with the norms of the gay male community. prostitution is against the law. it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered or whatever else. the fact that you guys simply are trying to pull the homophobia card for an issue that affects all sexual orientations shows that you guys clearly are not talking about it as an issue of law involving SEX and someone’s right as an individual.

    what is the point of even having a discussion with you guys when ya’ll aren’t even willing to step outside of your box and address the issue for exactly what it is. i BROUGHT up redbook and other websites because you guys are all ready to get upset trying to pull the “ wouldn’t have been shut down if it didn’t involve homosexuality and the government is doing some anti-gay shit”? bullshit.

    let’s be honest here. if this involved straight people, none of you guys all ready to argue against my point would be saying shit because it ain’t gay. think the irony here is how some of gay folks are ready to fly off the handle trying to get the whole world involved in your struggle but when it doesn’t involve you or anything pertaining to you, you don’t care.

    i have a life. i live in the real world. if you live in the real world too, you would realize that prostitution is an illegal thing like selling drugs. if you CHOSE to live that lifestyle knowing that it’s illegal, you can’t say shit if you get locked up or have the cops locking at your door. if you want to make this into a battle of legality, take it to the courts but don’t come around trying to throw pity parties knowing the consequences. it’s called being responsible and accountability. unfortunately, those two things aren’t too popular in the gay world. you learn to pick your battles when it’s appropriate.

  • moldisdelicious


    so the words gay rights have to literally be said in there despite the fact that the article is clearly talking about there being no justification behind the government targeting legally other than discrimination on the basis that the site is gay oriented. you’re trying too hard.

  • moldisdelicious


    you do know that the owner of the site has been known to refer to himself as a pimp where he literally had it on business cards with his name that he would hand out to people.

    i feel as if dude’s in here are just grasping straws, just defending and etc because it involves gay people. not everything that involves gay people that gets taken down by the government needs to be defended.

    folks are acting like prostitution is necessary too as if there aren’t other jobs out there. prostitution is a choice just like selling drugs unless you have a gun to your head or are forced into it. other than that, unless it becomes legal and folks are fighting tooth and nail to make it happen, you’re just gonna have to live with it.

  • youarekiddingme


    Get off your fuckin platform and stop telling me about what’s popular in the “gay world.” How the fuck would you know?

    You rediculus little fucktard…I never said that what they did was legal or that I supported it. I said that it was incorrect that Homeland Security got involved in something that clearly was the FBI’s jurisdiction. It’s clear that this has been going on (with this particular site) for DECADES! Why the bombastic enforcement now? Did enforcement need to happen? Certainly. It’s illegal. Enforce laws equally. Putting up the activities that took place by some of the escorts (was that appropriate)? Would that have been done in the “straight” community?

    You also brought up other points to me about how these people running the site were basically pimps and knew about underage people posting and other illegal activities…come on now. I guess Craigslist is responsible for all the fraudulent transactions on their website as well huh? All of your arguments about murder and rape and extortion are all just stories that you heard or isolated news reports that mean NOTHING. The same thing happens every day of the week. Has no weight to this argument whatsoever.

    Get a life yourself! Shut up and leave people alone!!

  • moldisdelicious


    Keep on living in the gay world away from the real world.



    Let’s talk facts and not fantasies of what you wish would happen versus what’s going on here.

    • Stache99

      @youarekiddingme: I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend one minute in a room with her (moldisdelicious) without getting paid. No wonder she’s so bitter about it all.

  • moldisdelicious

    And it really doesn’t matter which policing group shut down rentboy. Feds, homeland security or whatever. It’s still the police. All that yapping about jurisdiction is pointless because you don’t know why homeland security is involved.

  • youarekiddingme

    @moldisdelicious: By the way…I pay taxes. That’s why I care which agency and which jurisdiction is involved in enforcing which laws. It does make a difference…especially when prosecution comes around!

  • youarekiddingme

    You can’t even stay on the topic of your initial argument! You initially said how corrupt the site ( was with all the murders, extortion, underage prostitution, etc. going on there. You gave some “story” and a newspaper article (that could easily happen anywhere) on the street and now you’re trying to argue about prostitution being illegal…Are you smoking something?

    I said from the beginning that it was illegal and they were stupid for having it open and the name brought undue attention to the site. I also said that I don’t support prostitution!

    You can’t argue your points without using analogies and stories so now you have to change the entire point of the debate.

    By the way…typing in CAPS really make you look like a LUNATIC!!

  • martinbakman

    @lykeitiz: Why bring up money laundering?
    What would lead you to speculate that is the underlying crime?

    Rentboy employees used to be guests on OutQ radio so clearly their business has gone more mainstream.

    Is that why they’ve been targeted now after being in business 17 years?

    Have to laugh at all the self righteous qweens on here having no sympathy or understanding of sex workers.

  • moldisdelicious


    Now, I’m bitter? Breh, look. Maybe you should stop chilling so hard in the gay community so much because not everything that is cool in the gay community is exactly cool outside it.

    What’s even funnier is how folks are basically shaming those of us that dare to not follow whatever has been acceptable in the gay community for years even if it’s negative. Prostitution ain’t even a legit career as people are making it out to be especially in the gay community. It’s no different than selling drugs and I’m quite sure that folks on here don’t have a high opinion on that. Basically, someone who wants easy money without doing much work.

    I really encourage my gay Bros to strive for better instead of selling themselves short but apparently, you guys don’t see yourselves or your peers being shit. I’m not saying that people don’t have the right to be sex workers but the way folks are acting like it’s vital or necessary like folks can’t get other jobs is sad. I would hope that someone who prostitutes themselves has an exit plan and isn’t planning on doing it forever. That’s just me though. I also wouldn’t encourage kids and young adults to get into such lifestyle.

  • moldisdelicious


    Idiot, did you read your response towards me with you cursing me out for no reason simply because i’m not jumping on the bandwagon? You’re delusional and a damn liar at that. Get your head out your ass. Look, man. If you’re gonna be full of shit, own up to it and stop projecting your bullshit onto someone else.

  • moldisdelicious


    You dumbfuck, I never even responsed to you in the first place. You came at me claiming I was talking to you when I never was. Quit being a drama queen. Nobody has time for that shit. You must be a john or a rentboy. Don’t get mad at me, breh. You should be worried about the feds. I don’t give a fuck enough about you to even go out my way to address you but can’t say the same about you. Later, son.

  • Clark35

    @moldisdelicious: Just ignore youarekiddingme he’s an idiot troll who knows nothing about LGBT rights let alone what actually happens when someone is a prostitute. Stache99 is also an idiot troll that knows nothing of the real world or how prostitution actually works, or what LGBT rights actually are.

    The owners of rentboy were laundering cash and allowed people who were being trafficked/forced into sexual slavery to be pimped out on their site.

    It is hilarious though how some queens think that this is akin to decades ago when being LGBT in the United States was illegal, or that this is a modern day witch hunt or infringement upon LGBT people and our rights.

    @Billy Budd: No it’s not a noble “profession”. People are forced into it either via poverty, drug addiction, from trafficking, or coercion by friends, relatives, and even partners/spouses. Legalizing or decriminalization of prostitution legalizes sex trafficking and sexual slavery.

    In European countries where prostitution is legal or decriminalized there’s been a huge increase in sex trafficking since this has happened. No prostitute in any European country actually is on a pension, however some want to get on pensions but I doubt this will really happen.

  • youarekiddingme


    Your best line…TROLL…Limited vocabulary! Gotta use it twice huh Retard. Aren’t you supposed to be back in your room back at the home? Did you slip out the door again? Have you taken your meds today? Bad boy…now go back to the home, take your meds and play with your building blocks. Stay out of grown up conversations before you get your feelings hurt and leave with your tail between your legs again…like the last time!! You remember? They had to DOUBLE UP your meds and put you in restraints for 2 days…

  • Clark35

    @youarekiddingme: *yawn* Thanks for proving my and moldisdelicious’ point about yourself when you’re simply describing yourself there.

  • lykeitiz

    @martinbakman: You asked: “Why bring up money laundering?
    What would lead you to speculate that is the underlying crime?”

    Um….Perhaps the fact that every article on the raid said they could also be facing money laundering charges?

    I’m not pretending to know…..I’m just pointing out what’s been reported.

  • youarekiddingme


    Nice, snappy come-back Clark35. Talk about yawn. Oh well. Stay off of someone else’s coattails while you’re at it too huh (moldiscelicious)? Handle your debates yourself.

    You are such a bore. Jump back out of the debate again. As usual.

  • youarekiddingme


    Here’s a little News tidbit for you: (

    “Law enforcement sources had initially told NBC 4 New York the suspects faced money laundering in addition to prostitition charges, but money laundering was not included in the official criminal complaint.”

    None of those other charges were on the complaint either (murder, extortion, underage prostitution, robbery, etc).
    I’m the one who makes sweeping statements about which I have no support?

    Please, just save it. You have no support here.

  • BlogShag

    @Stache99: I know, what’s up with that? This site seems to be suffering from too many tech problems recently

  • BlogShag

    @Tobi: I agree. They were not business savvy. Even if they domiciled themselves in Pahrump, Nevada, they probably wouldn’t have had a problem. Stupid, stupid, stupid

  • jut430

    So somehow this video I made got on tumblr. And I found it. And saw that it said © rent boy. I never even posted it anywhere online to begin with. So like just curious of like how I’d get info or what to do about all that .Cuz first off Idk how they can copyright my video that I never even gave permission to be used anywhere other than my private viewing.

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