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Six Things We Learned From ‘Drag Race’

There was another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race this week.

They split into two teams to perform musical production numbers.

Trinity pouted.


Bianca Del Rio became irritated.


Courtney Act and Adore Delano talked about how Courtney competed in Australian Idol and Adore competed in American Idol.

Oh really? We’ve seen it before, you say?

What happened to the funny photo shoots? What happened to getting the queens dirty? Why is RuPaul so obsessed with making everybody sing all the time this season?

After they performed their shows, April Carrion was in the bottom 2 again, this time with Trinity, and RuPaul said it was because Trinity didn’t enunciate her words, but actually it was just because Trinity has a shitty attitude, and actually she gave a great lip sync, so poor, adorable April went home. Blah blah blaaaaaaaah. Like that elimination wasn’t obvious from the minute she walked into the workroom. April couldn’t hang with the big girls and had no chance at making it to the Final 3. She was like the bait dog in a pit bull training kennel, put in there for the other bitches to have something to chew up and spit out.

Was that rude? Sorry. Let’s focus on the positive. For instance, out of drag, April is such a Hottie McHotterson.

april-boyLet’s hire him as our pool boy, please and thank you.

Speaking of focusing on the positive, let’s turn this week’s episode around and make it  a learning experience. Things we learned this week:

1) It is official. Gia Gunn is evil.

giaNot that this was ever a secret. But this week she started picking on Milk, saying Milk doesn’t know how to dress in drag, and it was obvious that Gia is starting to unravel from the stress. So it’s only downhill from here. I am apparently the only Drag Race fan in America who doesn’t understand the appeal of Milk, based on the hate mail I receive with instructions on how to inflict a painful death upon myself, but even I can see she is obviously a nice person and picking on her is just desperate. Except when I do it. I’m a blogger journalist! But God help Gia if she starts picking on Darienne Lake, or I will reach through my TV and start grabbing people by the throat.

There was a redeeming moment when Laganja Estranja was melting down in the Gold Bar, and Gia did try to console her, which was nice. It was really fast so it was easy to miss. But it was there. Not all hope is lost.

Speaking of Laganja…

2) Laganja Estranja’s parents really are the cutest parents on Earth. In Untucked, Mr. and Mrs. Estranja Sr. sent a good-luck video message to the emotional black hole that is their offspring, and it was heartfelt, heartwarming, and melt-y0ur-heart adorable, cementing their spot in the roster of P-FLAG speakers for years to come.


Did you see this? If you watch nothing else this entire week, watch here starting at the 2nd commercial break. And yes Laganja tried her best to ruin it by acting like a petulant child and yelling at everyone in the room, but it was an emotional experience that was intensified by the presence of TV cameras, and it’s pretty obvious that these adorable parents have spoiled the living shit out of her, so let’s give her a pass on that one.

Back to the parents. There is a difference between being tolerant of your child’s life, and encouraging your child to be who he/she wants to be. Too many LGBT kids are left to find their own paths in life. Parents, don’t just accept your kids. Embrace them! Enjoy the gifts that they have to offer! Don’t watch them from a distance and think that tolerance is enough. There is no love in tolerance. Tolerance is merely the absence of hate. Kids need love. Learn from Mama and Papa Estranja.

Okay, the moment is over. Moving on…

3) Sheryl Lee Ralph, the guest judge this week, suggested an exercise to help Trinity sharpen her enunciation: put a cork in your mouth and then speak.

sherylHow does this help? Hmm. Let’s all try that the next time we have something round between our lips.

4) Australia, once again, has proven its collective pop culture superiority. Apparently Courtney Act auditioned for Australian Idol as a boy first, but was rejected and then came back the next day in drag and sailed through the competition to the finals. Now she is now an honest-to-God pop star down there. We’ve known that for a while so that’s not news; we’ve just been waiting to see/hear what she can do. And she can sing! No really. She hit a few sour notes in her song this week, but (a) they were out of her range, which is not her fault, and (b) Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel hit some stinkers when she sang during The Oscars but it was just a little glitch and she’s still amazing so shut up about it.

All of Courtney’s group performance is here. More than just a voice, Courtney is magnetic.

5) Joslyn Fox can balance an entire roast beef on top of her head inside one of her wigs.


6) Can we just say right now that, unless they do something to really screw it up, that BenDeLaCreme and Courtney Act will be in the Final 3? Who is third? Darienne Lake? That weirdo Milk? Bianca Del Rio, if she doesn’t insult the judges?