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  • Chip

    I can’t get his words in the very last line–“I wouldn’t be half as … I am now.” Can somebody fill in that blank for this old geezer?

  • Anon

    thats brilliant. so cute so sincere

  • jeremito

    half as FABULOUS of course ;)

  • Nick

    Fabulous – “I wouldn’t be half as fabulous as I am now”.

  • Brian

    Amen, Brother.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I’m trying to imagine the kind of parents and/or family that would reject such a kid; it makes me mad.

  • Hint

    This kid has got charisma. His first video about coming out is very intense.

  • The Gay Numbers

    It’s funny, for a kid- he’s right. These are same question that I would ask when I was a kid about anything that made me different. Like, if I weren’t gay, what would I be? If I weren’t black, how would they see me? But as you grow into yourself, you realize for everything that society tries to take away from you, it does give you a strength too.

  • dizzyspins

    Granted, he’s a little affected and silly, but he makes a good point. The one undeniable benefit to being gay is that it makes us responsible for our own identities. So many people just regurgitate the values and opinions of their families and communities. I came from a religious background, and my family can answer every ethical question they face with some Bible passage. I have to decide for myself what is right and wrong, rather than lazily rely on an outside force, and it’s made me much stronger. And, though its sad, realizing there are limits to unconditional love can make you a lot more self-sufficient. I know I made sure I could pay my own rent and take care of myself before I came out. Things are better with my family now, but had I come out in college, Im sure my parents wouldve blackmailed me into going to some “treatment center.”

  • Justin Allen

    It was unapologetic and great- it took courage. Bravo.

  • EdWoody

    I think it’s one of the great wonders of existence that such incredibly cute and intelligent boys turn out to be gay. Proof of a loving god, says I.

  • Michael vdB


  • Peter

    Does is bother anyone else that his syntax if woefully wrong; it should be “If I Were Straight”? Subjunctive, hello?

  • Peter

    Does is bother anyone else that his syntax is woefully wrong; it should be “If I Were Straight”? Subjunctive, hello?

  • bb

    Stupid age of consent laws… somebody laughs in the background at one point though… I hope he has a super hot and awesome boyfriend. He deserves it.

  • getreal

    @EdWoody: Amen Ed preach on!

  • Puddy Katz

    Gives me hope for the future.

  • RDM

    Too too too cute.

  • David

    I’ve been subscribed to his collab channel for a long time! Very pleasantly surprised to see him featured here!

  • Chloe

    r0sewhip137. . .smart kid that gives me hope. . .as I wind down in life I see a bright spot for the future.

    Peter . . .grammar is overrated.

  • Stephen

    @Chip: Fabulous

  • backekuchen

    “If I were straight” is how I personally prefer to say it (that’s what my secretary mama taught me), but the way he said it is perfectly okay–even grammatically. He got the message across quite well, I think. I always think, “what if I had been able to come out when I was his age.” I got married (like I was supposed to), have three beautiful children, and two wonderful grandsons. Then I came out. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They all accept me (even my ex-wife and her family). When I was Derek’s age I wasn’t sure why girls didn’t catch my eye in the same way as boys did. George

  • t

    Someone needs it in the butt…..

  • Winter

    If I were a boy even just for a day
    I’d roll out of bed in the morning
    And throw on what I wanted
    And go drink beer with the guys…

    Seriously though, you had to suck cock to learn that your parents loved you unconditionally and accept your friends for who they are? Blah.

    I remember running across this on teh YouTubez, and decided to go watch “Put A Ring On It” because it was far more entertaining.

    I agree w/T btw.

  • Sara Rosecrans

    I think your hot. Yes I’m a girl. are you single? if you are where do you live? I turn 16 in one week. When did you turn 16?

  • Insideguy

    If his grammar error is your only assesment of his comment then you need to rethink what is important to you. Not everyone speasks with arch perfection like William F. Buckley, which was a gimmick anyway. Give the kid a break and make welcome his awareness and activism.

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