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Skeevy Atlanta Police Not Only Raided a Gay Bar, Now They’re (Illegally) Trying To Cover Up Their Mess?


From the same Atlanta police department that raided gay bar The Eagle because of “drug use complaints” arrive accusations the department’s Red Dog unit also “erased e-mails, text messages and photographs that may offer details of a 2009 raid on a gay bar even though a federal judge ordered the records preserved,” claims a federal lawsuit filed by 35 plaintiffs (including the bar’s owners and some of the patrons) cuffed and forced to the floor last September. A round of applause all around for the folks continuing to hold law enforcement officials accountable for the Stonewall-style invasion. Seriously.

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  • Atlantan

    Will you people PLEASE hire writers who can actually write.
    This 3 sentence story (1 sentence contains just 1 word) has to be read, then re-read just to begin to understand it.
    And I’m still confused!

    Were there 2 gay bar raids?
    Does the alleged “cover up” involve the same bar raid?
    Becuase you specifically detail the Eagle raid in the beginning, then you refer to “a” gay bar raid in 2009.

    Is there some question that the deleted emails refer to the Eagle raid?


  • uu

    Maybe if you put the text trough Google Translate 3 times it comes out comprehensible. :)

  • scott ny'er

    @Atlantan: LOL. It’s like one, long, run on sentence with missing adverbs, punctuation, etc. So funny.

    What’s not funny is the Atlanta police dept. I’m not surprised. I think over 80% of police are corrupt.

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