Slain Gay Inspires Film

We gays are an industrious lot! Rather than mooning over slain 25-year old Ryan Skipper, gay activists decided to make a documentary celebrating his life.

Skipper died last year after being shot by William David Brown Jr. and Joseph Bearden, both of whom will soon stand trial for hateful first degree murder.

Though they didn’t personally know Skipper, Vicki Nantz and her partner, Mary Meeks made the film to raise awareness of anti-gay violence and homo alienation. And it’s already changing some minds:

Until Skipper’s death, Wally Mulder hadn’t given homosexuality much thought. Now the Mulders share their opinions freely.

“Some people might want to sleep in the cornfields and some people might want to sleep in the wheatfields,” Wally Mulder said of his position on gay rights. “There’s no need to meet at the line and fight over who’s going to sleep where.”

So, do we gays like corn or wheat?