Slain Gay’s Family Fighting Back

Sean Kennedy‘s family isn’t taking the 20-year old’s death lying down. The South Carolina homo died after being punched by a man identified as 18-year old Stephen Andrew Moller. Police are unsure whether Moller will be charged with murder or if he’ll face the music to the tune of a hate crime. Kennedy’s kin hope the latter.

In light of their third child’s death, Kennedy’s parents are setting up “Sean’s Last Wish” through which they’ll push for hate crime legislation, something they believe Kennedy would want.

While cleaning out her youngest son’s belongings, Elke Parker came across a number of poems, including one called “Grin”:

I stand tall with all of my pride. You hate. You discriminate all who are not like you. Yes, your words do hurt. But I stand in the end. I’m a strong person, bigger than you… I’ll be standing there with a grin.

Of her discovery, Parker – who always supported Kennedy’s homosexuality – said, “I didn’t know I had a poet.”