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Slain Peruivan Girl Stefany Flores Ramirez, Tied to Joran van der Sloot, Was a Lesbian

Stefany Flores Ramirez, the murdered Peruvian 21-year-old whose main suspect is none other than Joran van der Sloot (of Natalee Holloway infamy), is being identified in news reports as a lesbian.

ABC News’ multi-bylined report describes Ramirez, a student, as “an out lesbian struggling with her sexuality.” On Good Morning America, her ex-girlfriend Stephanie Jamenez said she was a good gilr dealing with insecurities and intense disapproval about her sexuality from her parents.

Her body was found beaten and stabbed in a Lima hotel room registered to van der Sloot. In the above video, you can see what appears to be van der Sloot and Ramirez in the hotel elevator’s surveillance camera. Van der Sloot was then seen leaving the hotel alone with his bags; her body was found days later.

Van der Sloot, who was suspected to be on the run in Chile and headed to Argentina, was extradited back to Peru to face charges — but not before being paraded in front of reporters.

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  • arubano

    Maybe you all do not know, but Joran is bisexual and is very well known in Aruba. Even one of his friend who was detained in holland during the Natalee case, was released because he was gay.

  • joeyblwy

    So then the story is that he wanted to have sex with her, but she refused because she wasn’t into men… He got mad and beat her to death….God! That’s horrible.

  • tj

    the hotel calls itself “alternative lifestyle friendly”, anyway he has confessed, says she made him mad by looking at his laptop and discovering who he was

  • John (CA)

    Cruel, sadistic, and lacking in human empathy – van der Sloot is a real piece of work. Now that he can no longer hide behind the Dutch legal system, however, I imagine this pathetic creature will spend the rest of his life rotting in a South American prison.

    An experience that will be unpleasant to say the least.

    And in the highly unlikely event that the Peruvians don’t nail him for the Stefany Flores murder, he is also wanted in Alabama on extortion charges related to the Natalie Holloway case. Once they get him to Huntsville, it is pretty much over anyway. There’s no way a jury in Alabama will let him go free under any circumstances.


    Interesting tidbit: Joran van der Sloot is a Dutch name, did you know what it translates into English? Orenthal James Simpson

  • Samwise

    @joeyblwy: It’s a classic story that happens all too often. Poor girl.

    1 and 3, please don’t go around spreading rumors that this worthless piece of human garbage plays for our team. Unless we have proof, we’re just doing the Religious Right’s job for them.

  • ossurworld

    This girl was playing Nancy Drew to get into the killer’s laptop. But, this isn’t the movies.

  • Rando

    I heard the same as the poster above me.
    That’s what Joran admitted to, breaking the girls neck after she found something in his laptop she didn’t like and tried to leave.

    He claims she broke his privacy rights.

  • Black Hispanic

    This site is becoming the National Inquirer with gossip and untruths.

  • yomi

    nO es pOsible que la chika qe alla idO cOn una persOna que recien cOnOCiia perO pObre niña

  • Tony

    It’s Enquirer, not Inquirer…as far as news and/or gossip, this is what the mainstream media is reporting, too. Nobody but the Peruvian police know for sure what’s going on.

  • charlie


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