Slain Scottish Bartender Beaten, Set On Fire In Possible Hate Crime

The body of bartender Stuart Walker, 28, was found Saturday morning following his savage murder in the town of Cumnock, Scotland. Police say the victim was tied to a lamppost, brutally beaten and set on fire, possibly because he was openly gay. “Stuart was a gay man and this will be one of the things that is looked at, but by no means the only thing,” a police insider told the Scottish Sun. An update from the Daily Record says the victim might have been sexually assaulted before he was killed.

In their grief, Walker’s friends and family are crying out for retribution: “The people who did this to our Stuart had better emigrate to another country,” said one of the victim’s relatives. “They have ripped our family apart.” A campaign has begun on Facebook to reinstitute hanging to punish the perpetrators of this heinous act. “And Walker’s former coworker Kazza Sutherland told the Telegraph, “Hopefully justice will be served and… those who did this go to Hell.”

We’re pretty sure there’s a deluxe suite in Hades waiting for the monsters responsible.