Small Town Politician Exposed For Writing Nasty Antigay Tweets


Meet Wes Bellamy. He is the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia who is currently facing calls for resignation after a series of tweets written between 2009 and 2014 in which he refers to gay people as “faggots” and makes disparaging remarks about women were unearthed from the bowels of his Twitter page.

The tweets were discovered by self-proclaimed “pro-free speech, anti-affirmative action, anti-cultural Marxist and pro-equality” blogger Jason Kessler, who shared them on his website last week. In one of the tweets, written back in October 2011, Bellamy answered a question prompted by another user “Does it make males uncomfortable wen girls are so upfront about sex??” with “It only makes faggots uncomfortable.”

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In another tweet from that same time, Bellamy insinuates that women in leadership roles (i.e. school principals, teachers, etc.) turn little boys gay, writing: “I’m all for equal opportunity…but a Female principal with a school full of female teachers is fkn a sure fire way to fk our lil boys up smh.”

But that’s just the top of the iceberg. Here are some more screenshots from Bellamy’s account:





Since the tweets went viral, 30-year-old Bellamy has issued a statement on Facebook, calling the tweets “disrespectful” and “ignorant” and assuring people that they are not representative of who he is today:

But not everyone is sure about Kessler’s motivations for publishing the tweets.

Nikuyah Walker, a member of the Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP, said while she finds what Bellamy wrote “alarming,” she questioned why Kessler dug so far back into his private Twitter account, which includes almost 123,000 tweets.

“Wes is a black male,” she hypothesizes. “You often face a different level of scrutiny.”

The Daily Progress also points out that Kessler frequently tweets about “alt-right” issues and just last week posted on his Facebook that he is considering a run for City Council to “protect” the city’s Confederate statues and “curtail institutional racial discrimination (i.e. affirmative action).”

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