SMH — Video Meant To Ruthlessly Mock Trump Supporters Embraced By Trump Supporters


2015 has seen its fair share of political farce in the Republican candidate field, but this warped bit of meta-WTF takes the cake as the true epitome of how bizarre things really are.

A group of Arizona conservatives — emphasis on conservatives — have released a country music video parody titled “Make America Great Again” mocking Donald Trump and his supporters as the red neck, ignorant fools they are.

This in and of itself is remarkable when you think about it. The Right is essentially calling out its base as, for lack of a better word, being base.

But here’s where things get into the Twilight Zone, aka ‘Merica.

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The video, which features comedian Brian Nissen and lampoons all of Trump’s horrific brutish qualities (you know, like making fun of a disabled reporter), is actually popular among Trump supporters.

Yes, the very people the video targets as problematic are the ones singing its praises.

“I’ve noticed that some of the Trump fans loved it,” said Tyler Montague, founder and president of PIA, the group that produced the video. “They’re like, ‘Yeah, this is everything Trump is about, this is dead on.’ We’re like, ‘You’re kidding us, right?’”

“I don’t want to overstate it, but [Trump’s] kind of a fascist,” Montague said. “It’s the closest thing to fascism that America’s had, at least in our lifetime.”

Watch below:

h/t RawStory