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Smiling Bigot Mike Huckabee Worries Gay Marriage Will Destroy Kids’ Minds

It’s no secret that Mike Huckabee, who’s being floated as a 2012 GOP presidential candidate, isn’t a friend to the gays. He supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But please, allow him to explain why he’s comfortable discriminating against gays.

“It’s not that I’m against gay marriage, it’s that I’m for traditional marriage,” says Huckabee in an interview with Katie Couric, in the typical “I’m not a bigot” explanation. “Rather than start a new form a marriage, I’d like to see us do a better job with the form that we’ve had all these years.”

Enter the polygamy scare tactic: “If enough people believe that we should have – I’ll just use the illustration of polygamy – then we should accommodate that. Otherwise, are we being just as bigoted and intolerant and lacking compassion because we don’t promote and accept and put a sanction on polygamy? I don’t think so.”