Smoke HIV Everyday


A journal called Sexually Transmitted Infections – they have a journal for everything, don’t they? – just released a report that reveals a link between smoking cigarettes and HIV. Apparently, smokers have a greater chance of contracting the disease than non-smokers.

365 Gay reports:

The scientists write that tobacco smoke may enhance vulnerability to infection by modifying the structure of the lungs and changing an array of immune system responses, including curbs on the production of antibodies and the activity of infection fighting white cells.

Hmmm, sounds a bit suspicious. We buy the bit about smoking and a decrease in antibodies, but we’re talking about HIV, not the flu. Maybe the study would be more convincing if the information had been correlated with said smokers’ sexual orientations, races, economic classes. But, we’re not doctors.

Perhaps what they meant to say was that smokers are promiscuous slags who refuse to wear condoms while shooting up with dirty needles. Our parents always told us that smoking was bad, but this is ridiculous.

It may be comforting to hear, however, that there’s no evidence to prove that HIV positive smokers are more likely to develop full-blown AIDS. Gee, that’s a relief.