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Smokin’ gymnast Louis Smith turns 27; how to take the perfect selfie; explore gay life after 40

April 22 was former Olympian gymnast Louis Smith’s birthday, which means we should all take time out of our hectic schedules to ogle him hardcore.

Here we go:


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Gymnastics is beautiful!! #naked Shot by @jonenochphoto @sportmaguk #uncovered

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Throwback to this amazing shot. One of my favourites ??

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Training in a mini skirt that I found because I forgot my shorts ???

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Admit it: you suck at taking selfies.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let The Pit Crew school you in the art of the selfie in this two-minute primer that shows you just how easy it is to stoke your vanity:

“Everybody’s gay, Kimmy Schmidt — it’s the 90s!”

The third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is teased in this new trailer demonstrating that the titular protagonist is more exasperatingly perky than ever.

What’s gay life like after 40? Well, picture yourself walking down a long, dark, utterly clammy, unbearably lonely corridor and you’re trying to find your way but you cannot stop crying.

No, not really. West 40s is a new comedy series from Mark Sam Rosenthal and Brian Sloan that offers a peek into the riotous lives of three gay men navigating the big 4-0 from New York’s swirlybird Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Check out the trailer here:

Could a gay superhero be included in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe?

“Absolutely. I would love to be able to,” James Gunn said at the film’s world premiere.

“We might have already done that. I say watch the movie. Check it out. See what you think.”

That coy little minx.