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These smokin’ hot trans bodybuilders in the new doc “Man Made” have us totally parched

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A powerful new documentary about trans bodybuilders has everyone talking.

“Man Made” is the emotional directorial debut of filmmaker T Coper and has already picked up a slew of awards along the festival circuit, including the Best Documentary Audience Awards at Outfest Los Angeles, NewFest NYC, and Translations Film Fest Seattle, and the Best Documentary Jury Awards at the Atlanta Film Festival, QFilms Long Beach Film Festival, and North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, just to name a few.

“Man Made” takes us into the heart of transgender male (FTM) culture, revealing unexpected truths about gender, masculinity, humanity and love. Four trans men (who like the film’s director were born and raised female), take a variety of life paths toward stepping on stage at Trans FitCon, the only all-transgender bodybuilding competition in the world (held in Atlanta). “Man Made” is a character-driven, intimate, and riveting verité-style competition film, but also a unique social justice narrative. It speaks to the ways in which we all choose to define and reshape ourselves, both figuratively and literally.

The film is still looking for a distributor, but it will definitely be a must-see when it comes to theaters or online streaming.

Watch the trailer.