Homo-politico Barney Frank today introduced the “”Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2008,” which “remove federal criminal penalties for personal possession of up to 100 grams of marijuana.” It would also allow for the transfer of up to an ounce as long as no money’s made. Said Frank at the press conference, “I cannot think there are many people who are in favor of using limited federal resources in law enforcement to arrest people because those people decide to smoke marijuana.” [KLTV]

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  • shivadog

    It’s about time we did something about our insane drug laws. Recently I’ve read of a guy sentenced to life in prison for selling drugs, while a guy that killed a gay man gets less than two years in prison. We really need to get our priorities straight. (well, not straight, but you know what I mean) Not that I really expect anything to come of this. Most politicians are too afraid of looking “pro-drug” to vote for something like this.

  • foofyjim

    It doesn’t go far enough. It should decriminalize the sale of marijuana as well…

    …and tax it.

  • todd

    Criminalization of weed is long past a joke. Why should nasty criminals make money off of something everyone does/has done? It’s beyond moronic.

  • Tom

    Although I am all for it, why did Frank decide to introduce this now in a presidential election year? Just more fodder for Republicans. Can’t you see the campaign ad now, “gay Democrat introduces bill allowing your teenage son to get stoned” or “why does Barney Frank want to allow your son to get high?”

    Couldn’t he have waited until November 5? Its not going to get voted on anyway. He’s an idiot.

  • Lost

    Rebuplicans can still listen to Nancy Reagan and
    “Just Say No”

    I’m not a repug, and I don’t care, Pass me the doobie

  • Qjersey

    A 100 grams would last me a YEAR

  • Kiera

    “Why should nasty criminals make money off of something everyone does/has done? It’s beyond moronic.”

    Umm, I’ve some news for you Todd, if marijuana is decriminalized and regulated nasty criminals will still be making money off of it, only they will be using the proceeds to fund election campaigns instead of turf wars.

  • L

    Oh great. Now we’ve got to lay low cause the repugnicunts might misunderstand us. Let me guess – when Obama is president, we should not press too hard cause it would seem unseemly. You are an UNCLE TOM. Goddamn chicken shit pussy ass faggot. Don’t tell me I should wait for my rights.

  • Brandon

    they should just legalize marijuana and tax it like they tax cigarettes. the government could make a lot of money….

  • Tom

    haha, L. your rights? and just what right is that to “get high”? and how am i an “uncle tom” (whatever that is) because i want Democrats to win the election and not blow it over some stupid shit like legalizing marijuana. such hostility for a stoner.

    and when did this become such an important issue? but maybe rational, intelligent thought is impossible for a pothead. fire another one up smokey and laugh while Rome burns.

  • An Other Greek

    intelligent thought is impossible for a pothead, says “Tom”

    but, presumptuous judgments aside, laws should strive to represent –REASON– and Justice. Laws that beg to be broken, and most often are (even by such exemplary citizens such as several POTUS), degrade the whole system, the whole concept.

    Our legal system should not represent prejudices and superstitions. It should be as unassailable as possible from debate… Legalizing marijuana would be a civilizing action which would encourage more respect for the law.


  • Ryan

    I have to agree with AOG on this one. And not to further the tirade, but political punditry and Fox news aside, I doubt this or much of anything, short of a really big bombshell (which there very well could still be one out there) will sway the course of this election, Obama is going to win. I’m not his hugest fan and I have some real issues with him on some things, but all of the polls show him having a healthy lead (that is growing) and McCain is looking increasingly crazed and desperate every day (because gay sweaters back in January didn’t make him look nuts…)

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