Smurfette, Minnie Mouse, Tintin Share Gay Cartoon Love In French Equality March

 gay march france 1

We always suspected Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck had a little something going on when Mickey and Donald were away: Last week, the Disney girls, along with several other cartoon same-sex couples, locked lips in a colorful banner erected during a gay-rights march in southwest France.

“March for LGBT rights today in Angouleme, France,” wrote Cinabre, who posted the images on Tumblr. “Angouleme is famous for the International Comics festival (FIBD), which starts in less than 2 weeks. So of course, here is the truck used in the march! In the background it’s the town hall.”

The French government’s support for same-sex marriage has generated considerable controversy, with both sides staging public demonstrations in recent months: More than 300,000 anti-equality activists marched outside the Eiffel Tower earlier in January.

Cinabre also pointed out a small detail in the poster that we missed: “Notice the [wedding] rings on the hands of the characters.”

Cinabre’s favorite couple is Smurfette and her brunette friend, “because it mocks the fact that Smurfette is the only female in the Smurfs world. She’s not alone anymore.” Other characters featured in the cheeky sign include Tintin and his “roommate,” Captain Haddock; and Asterix and his pal Obelisk.

What, no Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd?

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