Sneaky Serbian Gays Circumvent Pride Ban With Picnic

THE SHOT: As we reported earlier in the week, the Serbian government decided to ban today’s Belgrade Pride celebration, ostensibly to prevent the violence that had accompanied previous celebrations.

But as Belgrade-based Queerty reader Lily Lynch let us know, that didn’t deter the local LGBT community from holding a low-key gathering in the park.

As you probably know, the Serbian government acted in concert with neo-fascist groups in an attempt to deprive citizens of their right to free public assembly.

That did not stop a small group of organizers from gathering a crowd for an unofficial “Pride Picnic” earlier this afternoon in protest of the ban. More than 20 activists congregated in Student’s Park in central Belgrade beginning at 2 PM and stayed for two and a half hours with zero disturbance from riot police or one of the many members of roving neo-fascist groups. Participants displayed a rainbow flag and enjoyed food, beer and hanging out with their dogs. The picnic was so successful that organizers hope to make the Pride Picnic a regular event until the Serbian government recognizes its need to comply with international human rights standards and uphold the civil rights guaranteed in its own constitution.

Image by Srecko Sekeljic