‘SNL’ lampoons the Oscars/Kevin Hart controversy in hilarious sketch

SNL, we love it when you roughhouse.

The long-running, late-night sketch comedy show weighed in on the ongoing quagmire over finding an Oscar host this year by enlisting host Matt Damon (himself an Oscar winner) for some hysterical imitations of popular celebrities and stand-up comics.

Damon did some hilarious (and dead on) impressions of Chris Hemsworth and his friend Matthew McConaughey making their own cases for hosting duties. The real fun though came from the SNL cast impersonating celebrities like Michelle Wolf, Sarah Silverman, Kanye West and Rami Malek as they tried to sample their own comedy for an Oscar telecast.

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The Academy had initially announced comic Kevin Hart to host the February Oscars telecast, though the declaration met with immediate controversy. Hart has a long history of making homophobic remarks and slurs, even threatening violence against his son should he ever come out. Hart initially refused to apologize for his words on Twitter and in his stand-up before he later relented…though not before the Academy fired him from the job. They have yet to announce a replacement.

For the record, we’ve come up with our own suggestions for who should host the show…some of whom SNL managed to send-up in their sketch. Regardless, we stand by our own picks for Oscar host, even more so now that SNL has managed to have some fun with them.

Stay savage, SNL!