Witch Witch

Out SNL Star Kate McKinnon Is Getting Her Own Movie


Kate McKinnon just landed another movie role, and it sounds appropriately weird and excellent: she will play Grunhilda, a witch who works in a school cafeteria. Nobody believes in magic anymore, but she gets her kicks scaring children until she forms an unlikely friendship with a student.

This follows her role in the lovely Ghostbusters sequel, and also Office Christmas Party, in theaters now. This new film is called The Lunch Witch, which is a little clunky and we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets retooled by the time the movie comes out. The director is Clay Kaytis, who directed the Angry Birds movie. That is not an encouraging sign but maybe maybe maybe Kate will be up to the task of making this movie good. Oh let’s hope so.

The story’s based on a novel by Deb Lucke, a former advertising industry exec. There’s already a sequel to the book — Knee Deep in Niceness — and a third is in the works, so if Kate can pull this off we may see her as a witch for many years to come.

Of course, the question on many of her fans’ minds: will she get to play it queer in this movie? Studio interference is rumored to have nixed the lesbian content in Ghostbusters, but maybe this movie will be different. Then again, a scary witch is maybe not the representation we want?