SNL Takes On Palin and Biden’s Gay Vows

The Saturday Night Live crew took some shots at the vice-presidential candidates this weekend when Tina Fey and Jason Sudeikis reenactedSarah Palin and Joe Biden‘s debate last week.

Each politico’s ridiculous attributes were on display, from Biden’s apparent worship – and hatred – of John McCain, to Palin’s sad reliance on the word “maverick”. The incomparable Queen Latifah popped in to play moderator Gwen Ifill and saved a bit of time to take on the candidate’s comparable perspectives on gay marriage. This gave Fey an opportunity to skewer Palin’s gay “tolerance:”

…Don’t think I don’t tolerate gay people. Because I do, I tolerate them with all my heart. And I know quite a few, too. Not personally, but I know of them. I’ve seen Ellen. Oh and there was this one girl on my basketball team, she wasn’t officially a gay, but you know, we were pretty sure.

The SNL team also had some fun at gay politician Barney Frank in a bit about the so-called bailout. It’s spot on!

Watch both clips, after the jump…

On a somewhat related note, our editor went to the taping Saturday to support his friend, host Anne Hathaway, and spotted CNN analyst and DNC honcho Donna Brazile. It must been past her bedtime, because Ms. Brazile had to “rest her eyes” periodically.