SNL‘s Weak Take on Bromance

Sarah Palin’s retrenchment from American politics did have one negative side effect: The downhill slide Saturday Night Live has been unable to stop since the election. Particularly when it comes to jokes having anything remotely to do with homos, the results are ever more disasterous. Neil Patrick Harris’ reprieve notwithstanding, SNL obviously suffers in this area without an openly gay cast member, meaning we have to wade through garbage like this: Andy Samberg’s latest digital short about bromance, which includes a (NSFW) shot of Will Forte’s rump.

(Video not working? Here’s the direct URL.)

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  • Michael W.

    Comedy as a whole is going downhill without the Bush administration. There’s just nothing about Barack Obama that can be made fun of. He’s not a cheating whore and he’s not a dolt. Even his “uhs and ahs” are pulled off elegantly.

    George Bush is like half the material of every late night monologue. I don’t know what we’re going to do without him…other than live in peace and prosperity as America’s greatness is restored, that is.

  • petted

    Give it a couple of months – I don’t know that we’ll be hearing any jokes about our incoming President but I have no doubt that at least a half dozen or so Politicians will end up with foot in mouth syndrome – likely scenario I’m thinking there will be some infighting between Republicans who are open to working with the Administration and those who’ve decided to do some grand-standing (read extreme right wing) in the hopes of going up the GOP’s ladder o command.

  • hephaestion

    SNL has been homophobic for years. How can they claim to be cutting edge comedy without a single gay cast member? They look like they would be right at home at the Republican convention.

  • reversion


    wtf is this shit

  • oneway

    Further evidence of head writer Seth Meyer’s painful lack of a sophisticated sense of humor. Further case in point: He led Weekend Update with two or three US Airways Hudson River plane crash jokes — and they completely bombed. The Dick Cheney interview? He doesn’t regret anything. We get it. Funny concept worth exploring, but it just goes nowhere. Neil Patrick Harris the exception, the non-political writing has been l-a-m-e LAME!

  • Jock

    Anyone remember the Gay Beer commercial SNL did back in the early 90s? I think the tagline was “If you’re gay and you like beer….”

  • LatinBoy

    Meh…. but what a hot ass!

  • Woof

    Ass was worth it. Thanks Will!

  • dellisonly

    Is Seth Meyer or Seth Rogan writing this garbage?

  • logan767

    hey – why are there anti-abortion ads coming up on this page?

  • Bill in PDX

    not funny just lame not even good enough to be offensive

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