Prince Charming

Snow White‘s Armie Hammer Is Not Gonna Manscape

Sometimes a movie star has to put his foot down and say “No,” to bravely refuse tyranny, to take back the night, to keep Hair and Makeup from shaving his chest.

That’s what went down  when The Social Network‘s hirsute Armie Hammer—who plays Prince Charming to Julia Robert’s Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh’s  upcoming  Snow White movieobjected to the razor.

In an interview in this month’s Details, the actor describes the moment he learned that a line in the script described the prince’s “smooth chest.”

So the producers were like, ‘Okay, just shave him.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. I spent 25 years earning this chest hair. I’m wearing purple tights and a codpiece, so, please, let me keep my manhood.

Before he charms it up in a codpiece, Hammer will don G-Man threads—playing Clyde Tolson, “longtime companion” to J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Clint Eastwood’s Hoover biopic, J. Edgar. And while it can be safely assumed no manscaping controversies existed on that set, Hammer was initially concerned about the nature of Hoover and Tolson’s relationship:

When I first read the script, it didn’t make sense why Clyde would stay around—because 99 percent of the time he’s just taking abuse. But then it was explained to me: When you get that little glimmer of hope—like Tolson did—that simple kiss on the forehead, it all seems worth it and you stay.

Well, maybe back in Hoover’s day.