So, Cannibal Killer Luka Magnotta Was A Big Fan Of Ice Hockey

We’re not gonna lie: It’s not all that often that our interests intersect with those of Deadspin. But it does happen. Apparently, in addition to doing low-rent online gay porn,  dating-but-not-fucking girls, terrorizing the public and molesting bodies, accused CNMKK (Cannibal-Necrophiliac-Murderer-Kitty=Killer) Luka Magnotta was waaay into hockey.

A few years back he was on, a big-deal hockey site, and published his top five Russian hockey players. Apparently Luka really though Neanderthal-on-ice Alexander Ovechkin (right) was the bomb.

He also produced aYouTube tribute to the Russian winger Sergei Federov (video above).

Sergei? You might want to hire someone to open your mail for the next few months. For reals.



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