So, Cannibal Killer Luka Magnotta Was A Big Fan Of Ice Hockey

We’re not gonna lie: It’s not all that often that our interests intersect with those of Deadspin. But it does happen. Apparently, in addition to doing low-rent online gay porn,  dating-but-not-fucking girls, terrorizing the public and molesting bodies, accused CNMKK (Cannibal-Necrophiliac-Murderer-Kitty=Killer) Luka Magnotta was waaay into hockey.

A few years back he was on, a big-deal hockey site, and published his top five Russian hockey players. Apparently Luka really though Neanderthal-on-ice Alexander Ovechkin (right) was the bomb.

He also produced aYouTube tribute to the Russian winger Sergei Federov (video above).

Sergei? You might want to hire someone to open your mail for the next few months. For reals.



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  • Daniel Lean

    “Neanderthal-on-ice” really? That was uncalled for.

  • Belize

    “Apparently Luka really though Neanderthal-on-ice Alexander Ovechkin (right) was the bomb.”

    What a noteworthy statement coming from someone who can’t spell “thought.” :)

  • JayUVA

    He was a busy honey badger on the internet – posting comments on whatever topic came to his mind. He will keep some psychiatrists busy in Canada studying him. But in reality there have been many others who killed more people and even some recorded their killings.And the Middle Eastern extremists and Mexican cartels posted their killings on the internet long before Luka. So for all his efforts, he is just anoter murderer with some fetishes on the side (necrophilia, cannibalism).

  • Kev C

    So basically Luka is your average Canadian, eh?

  • Daniel

    With the proliferation of news stories coming about that deal with Mr. Magnotta, it’s expected that with less news coming out, media outlets will start to reach. In my opinion, this story reaches a bit.

    I have it on good authority that Luka was also a big fan of water. I look forward to that story coming out.

  • Cam

    That doesn’t mean he’s a serial killer….just that he’s Canadian.

  • the other Greg

    What’s your point, anybody who likes hockey must be a psycho? “Neanderthal-on-ice,” well what a relief that you guys considered his actual VICTIM to be cute! I never heard of Ovechkin before, but judging from this pic, he’s a lot more goodlooking than most of the twink porn “stars” you guys at Queerty consider to be cute.

    Queerty sure is obsessed with Magnotta. What’s really going on – you guys think he’s hot, is that it? Are you worried your next trick on Grindr might turn out to be a cannibal killer? What’s next, his childhood stamp collection or Star Wars figurines? Can you please go back to boring us all to death with gay marriage news?

  • Allen D.

    So he loved hockey. Who cares?! This is news? I can’t wait for the hard hitting journalism piece about him liking chocolate.

  • TomMc

    I wonder what his fave part of the game was? My guess: The faceoff.

  • LandStander

    “Luka really though Neanderthal-on-ice Alexander …”

    The word “thought” is missing a “t”, there should be a space between “a” and “YouTube tribute” and “gonna” would get you a slap across the face from any English teacher.

    Seriously, if you are going to call other people neanderthals, maybe you should get a basic grasp of the English language (or an editor).

  • Cam


    LOL!!! Ok, bad joke, but made me laugh.

  • TomMc

    @Cam: ;) I know it was tasteless (word choice?), but I couldn’t help myself.

  • shannon


  • Larkin

    Luca is innocent!

  • jason

    I wonder if Luka ever posted on Queerty….

  • Jamie

    Yeah I was going to say…

    It’d be weird if a Canadaian DIDN’T like hockey. It’s pretty much in our blood. You can not like sports, but for some reason you’ll still like hockey. We’re an interesting bunch up here.

  • Disturbed by Queerty

    It is a shame to have read this post. I cant believe you have shown this kind of behaviors that tainted the LGBT community.

    I am going to stop reading Queerty since now.

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